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Market Yourself as The Expert

As a small business how do you compete with the big guys and their big budget advertising campaign? The big guys don’t read this magazine so we can share these low budget yet high-impact marketing secrets with you.

Use these tips to market yourself as the expert in your field.

Write tips sheets – for your clients, prospects and the media.

Write and publish articles in magazines, newsletters and newspapers.

Write letters to the editor expressing opinions, advice and clarification.

Publish your own newsletter.

Write a book – the best way to be seen as the expert.

Send out regular news releases.

Be interviewed by the press.

Sponsor a contest or award.

Make speeches to service clubs and associations.

Offer information seminars to prospects and clients. .

Stay informed and leading edge on your area of expertise.

Offer your clients extra ‘free advice from the expert’.

Earn designations and awards from your industry or trade associations.

Seek out the top experts in your field – know and get known by them.

Act, sound and feel like the expert you want to be – confidence is powerful.

Find a mentor you admire who can help you and make introductions.

Seek out leaders in other businesses to trade ideas and do joint promotions with – we judge you by who you hang around with.

Why market yourself as the expert? Clients come to you and you can charge more money.

George Torok