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Mark Baird of Storagecraft in the NEWS

With the recent investment of a couple hundred million dollars and new leadership (coming from Sonicwall), you should expect to see some big things come from StorageCraft. Looks like some of these changes are already starting…

“The new leadership has changed the way we go to business and how we are partnering within the channel. Some of the new things we are doing are acquisitions to enhance our solution. Our new partner program allows our partners to grow with us and make a lot more money in the rebate and promotional side of things as well as deal registrations, margins being in the 35+%. One of the fundamental changes is that we doubled our engineering staff which says a lot. We will be more tightly integrated with the RMM tools our there and getting into the data analytics. You will see more functionality of what you want to backup and recover such as smart data analytics in order to backup only the necessary stuff”.

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Mark Baird was talking at the recent ChannelNEXT Conference about all the great things to expect from StorageCraft. He talked about the new ways that ransomware is attacking data by remaining dormant for months in order to corrupt the actual backed-up data and how StorageCraft is tacking this problem.

Mark Baird also won best Gold Meeting Presentation! Congratulations!