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Managing IT Assets And Renewals For Your Clients

VARs sell hardware and software every day to their clients. At this initial stage, you know exactly what the client has and where it is. You also know that it needs no updating or renewal. It is 100% in compliance. It’s new!  Then months and years go by, and more hardware and software are added at different times.  The client may have also moved assets around.

Over time, do you know where are all of the hardware and software that you sold to the client? DO you have a proper system to track everything?

Some Asset Management systems allow you to track the asset,its configuration, its location and possible its user. But, how do you know when it is time to renew or refresh the IT assets that you sold to your clients years ago? How do you notify your clients that their hardware and software needs to be renewed or replaced? How do you purchase and manage updates?

One of the VAR Office Suite partners offers a cloud-based IT Asset and Renewal Management tool that can help you manage the entire process. This solution will help you to stay on top of every asset that you ever sold and manage its full life-cycle. The same tool can also help you in the e-procurement of renewals right through to your suppliers.

The amount of additional revenues that you can generate from the timely and efficient management of the products you sold to your clients can be significant. You can learn more from our experts in IT asset management and explore how this solution can help you generate more revenues.



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