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Last Day At CeBIT 2017…Here are a few more gems we found

Coolest Product At Cebit?

An image only tells half a story…Everyone use a smartphone to take video. However, it is impossible to use the phone mic to pick-up remote audio, which makes video missing something big. What good is video if it has terrible audio?

Now, you can clip on Yigo Go-play mic (an easy-to-use wireless collar recorder) to capture the crystal clear distant sound with your mobile phone. Capture remote sound to complete smartphone video! It’s made by Yigo Space Science & Technology Co. from China.

Its app does auto-sync job using your phone video + Go-play audio, quickly mixed into a stunning video with clear voice, which you can share to any social media just by your mobile phone.

By selecting separate audio-recorder mode, it can work as an audio recorder only which you can latterly export the audio file to your PC. Using third party editing software, you can first-time make your go-pro or drone video with voice! Currently compatible with iOS & Android.

The ALL-IN-ONE digital assistant for nomadic sales force

Mobile sales and mobile delivery play a big role in improving service to the customers. This POS product from Italian manufacturer 4P may be the best choice for nomadic sales forces that need the power of fully fledged point of sales with the convenience of a small and rugged device that sits in the palm of a hand.

The FDA600-POS is a rugged ALL-IN-ONE multifunction handheld computer with record long battery autonomy; designed for durability and survival in difficult ambient conditions. Its built-in clam-shell fast printer (without detachable and loose parts) offers the top reliability and availability.  Its embedded EFTPOS allows electronic payments with credit/debit cards.

The devices some with a built-in printer barcode scanner, smart card reader, magnetic card reader, contactless card reader, camera with flash, gps – 4G/3G, wifi and Bluetooth.

The most popular applications include door to door sales, home delivery, route accounting, van sales, onboard sales, in-flight duty free sales, fine issuing, mobile fare collection, utility meter reading, cash in transit track and trace, field service, supply chain automation, healthcare, hospitality municipality services.

And, the device looks amazing it the Italian style!

UC Point receives IT Innovation award for the third consecutive year

UC Point is a provider of Unified Communication and Collaboration services, has received the IT Innovation award for the third consecutive year. The new interoperability solution, UC-Interop, places UC Point among the top ranked candidates presenting an exceptionally innovative IT solution with many benefits for SMBs, namely enabling a seamless connection of conferencing devices and platforms from different vendors with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.

The solution offers companies a low-cost and Office 365-certified solution for their existing collaboration infrastructures – regardless if they are on-premise, hybrid, or completely from the cloud. This allows a Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom or Avaya room system user to participate in a Skype for Business Meeting with just one click.

Compared to conventional bridging solutions – which require more time, resources and technical effort to implement and use, UC-Interop optimally distributes the conferencing load between both conferencing units without the need for time-consuming installation by IT. UC Point offers UC-Interop as a managed service that is bundled with modular support services. Customers therefore benefit from a low-cost “pay-as-you-need” licensing model.

“Receiving the IT Innovation award for our third consecutive year is an exciting accomplishment. This award emphasizes our continuous effort to position remote work in small and medium businesses and provide sustainable solutions for increased efficiency and productivity,” comments Markus P. Keller, Founder and CEO of UC Point.

Online-Meetings are becoming more popular among small and medium businesses. UC-Interop removes obstacles before, during and after meetings and enables trouble-free calls and video conferencing.

Stronger enterprise-level IT security with SystoLOCK

Companies are increasingly becoming the target of economic espionage. Although it is possible to protect the IT-infrastructure to a certain extent, if an employee’s password is compromised, there is no use in best infrastructure. Smartcard-based solutions without passwords are often too expensive or complex. SystoLock may be an alternative solution to increase security in IT environments.

With SystoLOCK unsafe passwords are a thing of the past.

SystoLOCK is a revolutionary solution for strong multi-factor authentication without passwords in Windows-based environments. Users log on to all resources with real two factors – that is, wherever unsafe passwords or expensive smartcards were needed before.

Unlike other existing products, SystoLOCK uses the functionality provided by Microsoft. As a result, no modification of the existing server infrastructure is necessary and IT security can be implemented easily and cost-effectively in the enterprise. Thanks to the two-factor authentication with OTP apps such as Google Authenticator or standard tokens, all conceivable applications and scenarios can be protected without unsafe passwords.

At CeBIT, the company demonstrated just how easy passwords can be tapped from the Microsoft authentication system and how SystoLOCK can be used to mitigate this vulnerability.

A secure platform for companies and anyone who cares about their privacy

UWORK.X is a software for secure communications and collaborations between organisations and people.

It’s an end-to-end encrypted platform for mail, chat, task management and soon for voice/video calls and online meetings. It protects personal Information, customer data as well as business secrets in the digital world from manipulation and unauthorised access.

News of leaked credentials, personal information, government hacking and security issues in messengers have become a daily routine. Only the use of practical cryptography can help against these issues.

Managing Director Lars Andersen commented, “We have developed UWORK.X to allow anyone to stay secure in the digital world.”

The customer does not need to learn new software. “We take care of the security. Our customers do not need to be an expert in IT to install and use our software.” says Björn Schwabe, Managing Director and CTO. “We wanted an easy to use but highly secure communication tool. With UWORK.X we achieved that.”