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Keith Young of Logicnow by Solarwinds in the NEWS

As the recent acquisition of LogicNOW by Solarwinds is being digested, it’s business as usual for the LogicNOW team!

“The ransomware and malware scare is fueling the backup disaster recovery market. To have a great backup solution is even more important right now. Logicnow is primarily a file and folder based backup solution but we have the ability to synthesize images. So they can attract a lot of different clients. You need a three prong approach: an anti-virus for the workstation desktops, a firewall for the perimeter and the last stop is backup.”

The cool thing about Logicnow backup is the point in time recovery which means we know when the virus infected and recover the data before the infection saving tons of money. Logicnow also offers a remote management tool and a service desk offering to complement this.

Keith also won Best Workshop Presentation at the recent ChannelNEXT event! Congratulations for a job well done! When you win this, it means that the channel partners are giving you the “thumbs up!

Watch my full interview with Keith