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Joe Nagy of Zetta In The NEWS

Zetta is a cloud-based business continuity solution consisting of 2 different components. First, being disaster recovery solution that allows you to image an entire server, pull up on the cloud and be back in less than 5 minutes. Second, is data protection for you to back up the data that is on a specific server.

Joe Nagy said, “The difference is that we do not require an appliance or a local-based hardware. We are 100% cloud, 100% software.  Small and medium size companies are targets and have less capabilities to fight off attacks. This is where we come in. Because we are 100% cloud, it means that the MSP never have to go out there and fix a piece of gear, you can manage everything even from your phone”.

The company says it offers aggressive partner pricing that allows them to make good margins and looking to become a completely white-labeled solution.  Data centers are currently in the States only.

Listen to the podcast interview here