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Interview with Fuse Expertise

Here is a brief overview of what Greg shared with us:

Q: We always talk about the channel and how the channel is evolving to the next generation.  We talk about how they can become a “super VAR” or a “next generation VAR”. How would you articulate the way VARs should approach their business today? What should they be doing?

A: First of all, they have to find a different way to communicate with their clients. The traditional model of going in front of people with feature stats and trying to sell, just doesn’t work anymore. It’s a way too educated client base. Consumerization of IT is making your kids and my kids experts and that is a growing part of the problem. You need to cut to the chase. The whole purpose of IT is for businesses to leverage IT to become more competitive. It’s pure and simple. The conversation should be all around how do we make it more competitive and from there on, IT starts to be looked at as an investment instead of an expense. We need to make the end-users understand that it’s not an expense, it’s an investment! If you call something an expense, people try to lower its value. If you call it an investment people try to maximize the ROI on it. So it’s a different conversation.

Q: One thing I like about your product is it allows VARs to see where the rubber meets the road. They can actually go to their clients and easily do a business assessment. Walk us through how that process works by making an assessment on a client’s business.

A: Well if they know the client already, then its a really great place to start. First of all, you have to be just honest about it… you say “Hey we got this new tool technology, a new process, an expertise and we would like to test drive it with you. We want to charge you something, but if you don’t like it at the end, then don’t pay us.” It’s a good way to empower clients and get your first success story.

Q: It’s definitely one of the tools that every VAR needs to implement. It’s not very expensive either. You have also developed an assessment-testing tool for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs so they can evaluate their own businesses. Tell us a little more about that and how they can get started.

A: Well it comes as part of the package of Fuse Expertise. There is roughly about 30 characteristics or services or products you should be using if you want to hit “VAR nirvana” where you are operating at the most efficient and capable spot. That kind of maturity level could take years for a typical VAR to reach. Ultimately you will probably become a super VAR eventually as you implement all of the tools and services. But, start with one tool and build from there. Self-assess to identify things you are doing well and not doing well. Then do one thing that you need to improve.

Q: So if VARs want to take the next step of action to get tested themselves or to take any other assessment. How can they do it?

A: Go to our web site and sign up. It’s a very simple  process. It is 100% guarantied so we will return the money if they are not satisfied. We are confident that they will want to keep using this tool because it will help them to uncover more and larger sales with their clients from the first day. So go to www.fuseexpertise.com and we’ll love to have them on board and we’ll help them throughout the process.

See the full interview with Greg Waite on the video above!

This is an interview with Greg Waite President and CEO of FuseExpertise. FuseExpertise is a division of FuseTalk Inc. a leading provider of discussion forums, blogging tools, wikis and collaboration solutions. FuseExpertise leverages many of the capabilities of FuseTalk and provides powerful, patent and patent pending traits that make FuseExpertise ‘business essential” Collaborative Business Improvement Software(TM). Coupled with subject matter expert content, FuseExpertise can greatly leverage employees, managers, consultants, authors and publishers – anyone and any organization that has or needs expertise.