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Interview with Edge to Epic

Edge to Epic offers all Canadian VARs, MSPs and ITSPs their membership benefits through VAR Office Suite. It is FREE. There is a variety of benefits ranging from health insurance to discounts on flights. For example, Small business owners with 5 employees or less, typically cannot get great deals on health insurance but through one of their programs fees start at $100 per person or $230 per family, per month.

Are these plans available elsewhere? No. These plans were created exclusively for Edge to Epic and are only available through our program. The features, conditions and rates we have negotiated would not otherwise be available to businesses independently.

Are these savings temporary? No. Our program is structured to deliver savings year over year; for long-term positive compounding effects.

If we already have benefits, do we need to provide premium & claim history? Yes. It is a standard industry practice. This helps provide a more precise, and often lower quote.

Will a medical questionnaire or exam be required?  Not for our medical & dental plans.

Program only available in Canada at this time.

Click here to learn more of to sign up.

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