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Interview with Autotask

Here is an interview with Len DiCostanzo, one of the most widely recognized figures in the IT industry with more than 25 years of experience in the channel. He joined Autotask in 2008. Len develops and nurtures Autotask’s strategic industry alliances around the world. He also works tirelessly to ensure the continued success of Autotask’s global client base by developing and delivering business building and product education content via live and on demand webinars, events and other digital media.

Here is an overview of what Len shared with us:

Autotask is a main area for managed business services today. Everybody is exploring this space. Your tools help VARs manage this whole process. So give us a little overview of what are the latest things with Autotask.

Autotask is an IT business management platform built from the ground up to work and be delivered from the cloud. Our IT business management platform helps VARs to stay on one application as best as possible. We have an integrated CRM component, project management service desk and a lot of tools to keep you in there as a trusted advisor.

How does Autotask help VARs or MSPs to maneuver the space of cloud?

We help MSPs to be successful by building capabilities in the product such as our SLA, reporting tracking, surveys and many more. The cloud has actually integrated that, where you can use Autotask to remain the consolidate builder to your end client. All services and all products you deliver can be tracked inside of Autotask and then build you clients so you can build and maintain a relationship.

Where do you see the channel moving in the next year? How will VARs need to adapt?

A solution provider will always have to evolve. Everybody talks about transformation but for me that is a scary word. Evolve is what people do and I think they are going to need to evolve to a more hybrid catalogue approach. If you sell equipment, you are going to need to figure out how to talk cloud. If you talk managed services, you are also going to need to talk cloud.

What is the future of managed services in Autotask?

It’s a good question because we have been asked this a lot lately. We have a new user interface that is going to be unveiled at our worldwide user conference and beyond that we will be on the road sharing it. We have a great graphical interface coming up because we feel that the data needs to be presented. You need to be able to do fact-based decisions in your business.

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