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Increase Your Intellectual Value

It has been said that an organization is only as good as its “least” knowledgeable employee.  Research indicates there is a strong correlation between increased intellectual value and profitability.

Question: What is the single most important asset to any business?  Employees?  Product? Service? Reputation?  The correct answer is its customers. Without customers, nothing else matters. Now, who manages the customers? It is the employees who manage customers through sales, support, customer service, management personnel, etc.  Therefore, employees whose working knowledge is continuously being increased will perform at a higher level when interfacing with customers and this translates into increased customer satisfaction and a satisfied customer means profitability.

You are probably thinking that you don’t have time for training because it’s too long, too boring and too much information.  If employees are attending courses or viewing training videos that are hours long then, yes, your thinking would be correct. However, there is a way to increase intellectual value and profitability without holding employees hostage through long training programs.

There is a new format for increasing working knowledge called ej4. These are short, 10 minute programs that are engaging and are based on proven academic and professional research from such institutions as the University of California, University of Rochester, Virginia Tech, Columbia, Cambridge (UK), U.S. Dept. of Education, etc. Which would you prefer to watch, an hour long Powerpoint with a voice-over video or a 10 minute program with dynamic graphics and someone speaking directly to you?

Consider the following, let’s say your organization has 10 employees and the average wage per employee is $30/hour. If each employee watches a single, one hour course, it will cost your company $300 ($30 X 10) and because the content was so long at least half the employees are going to watch it a second time because there was too much information to take in the first time. This means it will cost your firm and additional $150 ($300/2). Therefore, a one hour video actually costs your firm $450 and that’s for only one course!

Compare this to having your employee’s watch a 10 minute program that provides enough information they can actually remember and apply.  Don’t’ confuse price with cost – The price is what you pay to have a training service available to you. Cost, is what you pay each time your employees use a training service as illustrated above.

Arie De Geus, former Planning Coordinator, Royal Dutch/Shell said “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

The way people learn is changing the knowledge distribution paradigm through short, cloud based and mobile performance enhancement solutions.  Imagine increasing the intellectual value of your organization 10 minutes at a time!

As part of the VAR Office Suite program, we invite you to try a free Two Week Trial Campus of this revolutionary performance improvement solution!  Ask about how this can help your staff as well as how you can resell this service to your clients. Contact us at ej4@technoplanet.com

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