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If you want to rock your sales team to the core, you need to have a conversation with Rick McCutcheon

The lifeblood of any company is sales. Every company wants more sales.  Wanting is nice, but not enough. You need to do the right things to make sales happen and its not getting easier in a very noisy world and competition is only one click away.

Rick is offering two-day advanced selling skills program designed specifically for technology resellers, covering lead generation, social selling, qualification, presentation skills, closing the opportunities, and account management.  He will show how the ecosystem of sales come together. He said, “how we taught prospecting years ago is no longer relevant, you need to engage the clients differently or you will be left behind”.

I have known Rick for many years and I think he is one of the very best sales coaches that I have ever met. He can be a bit talkative, but he gets technology. He has been implementing CRM solutions since the beginning as well as sales processes. Ask him why you should have a CRM solution and you may be surprised from his answer. He is always looking for the next new thing in sales!

He is a member of our VARCoach team and I recommend that you take his courses and his coaching! Why? I would be surprised if he did not help you to grow your sales by double digits!

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