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How will ChannelNEXT help to grow your MSP/VAR business on April 24-25?

You will get the final answer at the ChannelNEXT conference on April 24-25 in the beautiful Esterel Resort in Quebec, Canada.

Here are a few answers that you will find at ChannelNEXT…

1. You will learn a few new skills that will impact your business immediately! How? Attend the Coaching sessions on social selling; digital marketing; business vision; and the 4 separate business transition paths for successful VARs/MSPS. Meet and pick the brains of some of the coaches for free! Ask about our extended after-event Coaching sessions!

2. You will solve a few of your big business problems! How? We will organize VARs and MSPs into groups based on their specific interest. We will discuss the challenges and brainstorm solutions so you can experience the power of a “MasterMind” group session and go home with some realistic solutions to your problems! Explore how a MasterMind group can grow your business by 30% within the first year!

3. You will find out what the most successful VARs and MSPs are doing to stay on top of their game! How? We will give you the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs that we have compiled from our community of 65,000 companies in 6 countries! Get ready to re-prioritize your activities for better results.

4. You will learn how to make more money with Microsoft! How? Get up to speed with the new partner programs from Microsoft. We will have Canada’s #1 Microsoft Distributor Sherweb present everything that you need to know so you can exploit the new partnership direction and opportunities!

5. You will generate recurring revenue with business continuity and networking! How? Datto will be showcasing their award-winning backup and disaster recovery solution as well as introduce their new networking solution.

The theme this year is “Improving Best Business Practices And Building More Sustainable Recurring Revenue”!

6. You will learn how your sales team can generate new sales opportunities every day! How? Rapidfire Tools will be showcasing their Network Assessment Tool that can help you uncover new sales opportunities with your clients every day!

7. You will see exactly how to energize your digital marketing game! How? Your digital strategy is mission critical to your future. We will explore a full suite of digital marketing services and tools to help VARs/MSPs generate sales leads every day! See www.varwebsite.com for a little taste.

8. You will get more sales and profits from hardware and vertical markets! How? We will showcase some of the latest hardware and vertical market solutions from industry leaders such as Epson and Viewsonic covering digital signage, interactive e-boards, projections, managed print, and video conferencing.

If you come prepared, you will you know more about what you need to get from the event, so please take the free business assessment at www.bestmanageditcompanies.com, before coming… You may surprise yourself to learn what you did not know, just from answering the questions!

9. You will learn just how much you can reduce your cost on a wide range of business expenses! How? The COPA Office Product organization is extending its membership benefits to our IT channel community to help them save big on credit card merchant rates, shipping, insurance and much more. You can really save without any compromise!

10. You will discover how to improve your customer relationships and retention! How? It’s time to find out what your customers really think so you can know how to repair broken relationships and prevent new damage from happening. We are introducing a new customer satisfaction survey service with either personal calling or e-survey options.

11. You will exchange ideas and build some unexpected partnerships with your peers! How? Most VARs/MSPs tell us that this is one of the greatest opportunities for them to get some valuable feedback and support. There will be numerous social and group networking opportunities over the 2 days.

12. You will find many recurring revenue opportunities! How? Explore partnerships with several SaaS/Cloud vendors on the hottest markets, including IT Security.

Really need more reasons to come? Ask us!

Cannot come for the full 2-days? Register to come for either day 1 or 2!

Simply cannot come? Register and request that we send you the FREE e-guide of the content or plan to attend next year!

Or, attend any of the other upcoming ChannelNEXT Conferences!