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How well are you running your IT business to remain successful in the future?

Two of the biggest challenges facing most VARs, MSPs and Solution Providers are to streamline their business processes and better manage their companies. Simply put, the way these companies operate and are managed will directly impact their success and future.

Implementing best practices is the obvious solution, but how do you do it? How does your current business practices compare to the best? Do you really know your strengths and weaknesses? How will you know what you do not know?

The answers to these big questions are remarkably very easy to learn. Simply take the FREE online business assessment test that has been designed exclusively for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs at The Best Managed IT Companies website.  (For UK Channel click here!)

There are about 200 questions in 12 categories to complete the full business assessment. It will take some time to answer all of the questions, but the payoff for your company will be huge! You will receive a report that identifies all of your business strengths and weaknesses with a simple red, yellow or green tag.

Red indicates significant weakness in the area and should require immediate attention to improve. Yellow indicates that it is not an area that is critically weak but with some improvements it can quickly become a strength. Green is what you want to see as it means that you are above average in the area and you can exploit as one of your competitive advantages. Basically, you want to see less reds and more greens! [FYI – You can also retake this business assessment year over year to compare how you are improving]

After taking this business assessment, it will become much clearer as to the strengths that you can leverage and which areas of weaknesses that you can improve. Sometimes, just knowing the facts can be enough to set you on the right path of success. The bottom line is that you will know what you do not know or at least confirm what you already know!

If you are already an awesome business doing most everything right, this test will instantly validate your management and leadership. If you score high enough to be in the top 50 of your country, you will also receive an elite award and recognition as one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies! Something big that you can truly exploit in your marketing efforts to attract new customers every day! Everyone wants to do business with the best of the best!

The test is free. The report is free. There is no obligation whatsoever. Helping VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to know their business strengths and weaknesses is an important part of our global mission to help the IT channel to become bigger, better and stronger. What you do with the results of your report is entirely up to you. If you would like to talk with one of our business VARCoaches to get some advice or consultation, just ask. You may even want to consider joining a local or international MasterMind group with 10 of your peers to collaborate on improving your business.

Beyond the first step of understanding your business strengths and weaknesses, you will also need to find and implement the right tools to run your company. You need an effective website, CRM, ERP, e-procurement, e-quote, service management, RMM, digital marketing, social media etc. You also need to nurture and motivate your team to best meet the evolving needs of the end-users. If you need any help in finding tools or services that the most successful VARs and MSPs are already using to run their business, then see VAR Office Suite.

After working with many IT businesses over decades, we have learnt that there are about 30 “moving parts” to any successful VAR, MSP or ITSP business. Better managing more of these moving parts will dramatically improve the overall success of your business. Smart business leaders already understand that this is the road to successfully future-proofing your company!

Ready to put your company to the test?

Julian Lee


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