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How To Build A More Successful MSP/VAR Business

The implication of moving into a new business model with Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD, and using new tools to get the job done can be very unsettling.  However, the consequences of doing nothing will make the problem worse in the months ahead.

There are many news articles and expert advice talking about the best practices for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to exploit the latest IT trends.

Offering good advice for MSPs and VARs is not too difficult. The hard part is finding and deploying all the tools you need to actually get the job done right, that are also practical and affordable.

The first step is to look at the various available tools to conduct IT Assessments using practical standards.  You could write your own best practices if you have the experience and months of dedicated time to devote to the project.  However, if you are already having difficulty finding time from your busy workday, then you may not have time to develop this on your own.  The easiest way is to find a professional assessment tool that already has a comprehensive library of content plus the ability for you to customize information specific to a client.

A tool like FuseExpertise is a good way to start conducting an IT assessment on your own business before doing one for a client.  You will quickly understand the process, your strengths and weaknesses. Once you see exactly how you can improve your own company, then you will be ready to leverage the new IT assessment tool for your clients.

Once you have the assessment completed for your company, you will need solutions to help you make the improvements.  You could do research to find the right solutions for your business but this will take a huge amount of time and could end up costing you more.  Since many of these new tools and services will probably be new to you, how will you know whether or not they are suitable for running your business?  A great resource for MSPs and VARs is VAR Office Suite. It offers over 30 proven tools and services to help run their specific types of IT businesses.

Regardless of where you find the tools you need, our advice is to start with just one tool or service that you feel is most likely to make an immediate impact on your business.  Gradually add more tools and services to build your business over time.

Here is one small, but important first step that you could take towards success. Simply take a MSP/VAR business self-evaluation assessment through FuseExpertise. Once you evaluate the results and understand the actual health of your business, then decide what you will do to improve.

The second step may be much easier than you think because you can easily continue to use the same FuseExpertise tool to expand into a comprehensive assessment of every process of your entire business. The value of this to your company is priceless. Learn how this will not only help you to take full control over all aspects of your business, but also increase your company’s net worth.

As you are doing this, you will be learning a new IT assessment skill that will allow you to perform similar deep-dive assessments for your clients. This will allow you to have more powerful conversations with clients as a trusted advisor than just another supplier of products.  This will quickly identify new potential of revenue that your company would be in the best position to deliver.

It is practically the same process for your clients that you would have gone through for your company. You do the assessment of your business and leverage solutions like the VAR Office Suite tools and services to improve. Similarly, you will recommend the right IT solutions to help fix the issues that you uncover for your clients.

Today, helping you build a stronger, faster and more profitable MSP or VAR business is as easy as following the roadmap of VAR Office Suite. It offers over 30 tools and services that can be gradually implemented to help your company in weeks instead of months or years.

Here are some examples of the available tools and services to help you:

  • Professional IT consultation tool for sales reps
  • Web presence and marketing
  • Service automation
  • IT asset management and compliance
  • Complete mobile-enabled ERP
  • Mobile CRM
  • RMM/managed services and service desk
  • Virtual information resource and sales tool
  • Generating end-user sales leads through SEM
  • Complete e-commerce and e-quotation

Click here for a complete overview of the 30 tools and services.

Once you are on your way to better streamlining, managing and marketing your business, then you are well on your way to building a better business!

Move forward to engage one client with the same IT assessment tool.  FuseExpertise is a patented Software-as-a-Service platform for assessing, creating, sharing and managing expertise; including professional, productivity, operational and intelligence expertise. With the supplied IT health for small and medium business content, it is a powerful way to engage clients and prospects to uncover their business risks and opportunities that will persuade them to increase their IT spend to fix.

Clients today do not have all of the skills or expertise to recognize all of the problems or opportunities that are available. The IT health assessment allows you to convey the right message of “why” a topic is important to your clients and, at the same time, benchmark their business against industry “best practices”.

This has been proven to identify potential opportunities for improvement and to do it in a professional, consistent and organized manner.  The system has the ability to set priorities, establish budgets and assign tasks for completion.  There are (9) main categories, (25) sub-categories and over 200 topics that can be included in the assessment if required. Use this powerful tool to become a professional IT consultant and ultimately the trusted business advisor.

Leveraging just this one tool from VAR Office Suite will help you start building your MSP/VAR business stronger and make you more money. Adding more tools like e-procurement, service automation, CRM, Cloud, web marketing etc., will set you on the right path to long-term sustainable success.

Take just three steps to get started on building a more successful business:

  1. Take VAR Office Suite’s FuseExpertise assessment to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your company. It is called IT Firm Profit Practices because it only recommends improving in areas that go directly to your bottom line.
  2. Implement the appropriate tools and services from VAR Office Suite to fix just one weakness that is most important to you and measure the results.
  3. Use FuseExpertise to do your first IT Health assessment on yourself and then for one of your clients. Present the results and solutions to fix the problems.

Measure the results and take the next step. In time, you will build a much more successful business.