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How much could you really get if you sold your business today?

Many traditional VARs have found out that their company is not worth as much as they thought. Sales of products and services without some sort of predictable recurring revenue contract have lost some of its appeal. Today, companies with managed services contracts seem to be getting higher evaluations for their businesses.

How does the business evolution compare between traditional VARs and MSPs? Should a VAR transition to an MSP before selling or merging?  What do you need to do to get a higher eventuation if you sold your business? How should you buy or merge with another company?

Just some of the topics that Paul Arora will be helping to address at the upcoming conference in London on September 27-28.

In our experience, we are finding that business owners of VARs, who are looking to exit, are challenged in finding a successor to carry on the company or to sell. Many are also feeling that to transition from VAR to MSP may require a significant effort and drain of resources with no guarantees of success. We have been getting a lot of inquiries with regards to “what can I get if I sell my business”.

Business owners need expert help to figure out what their businesses is really worth!

If you want to learn and ask questions to the experts, then register for this upcoming VARTrends | MSPTrends conference! If you are not able to attend, contact us at www.varofficesuite.com and we may be able to refer you to local experts in your region. We plan to host a few virtual session on the topic in the future as well.