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How Bad Hires Can Sabotage Success

If you run a business then you know all too well that hiring a new employee is a challenging process. And making the wrong decision on a new hire is extremely costly, especially for those running a small business.

In recent years, there have been a number of studies which address just how expensive making a poor hiring decision can be. We tackle cost in this issue, and we make an argument that is certain to be controversial.

We also address the implications for small business owners.  Not only is a bad hire expensive, some businesses fall into a Bad Hire Recruitment Trap:

Bad hire Hired -> Bad hire Fired -> Need for New Hire Escalates -> Rushed Recruitment -> Cycle repeats

Can you feel the pain, perhaps recalling your own experience with a bad hire? Bad hires are not only costly; falling into the Bad Hire Recruitment Trap is perilous for the company’s image.

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Surprisingly, as studies have shown, not only is it incredibly expensive, it is also  incredibly common for small businesses!  A bad hire or poor recruitment habits will only highlight the faults and failure of a company. This is why there is no better time to begin developing an HR Fix-It Plan than now!