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How a Mastermind Group changed my life

I’m overlooking the rows of carefully manicured vines of Ravine Vineyard, taking a sip of a Riesling that is being paired with the smoked carrot soup purée that will soon arrive. I can’t help but think back at this time last year when I was stuck in a corporate gig feeling emotionally and physically drained. I spoke with a member of my Mastermind Group and confessed I was unhappy and in dire need of a change. He asked me a very simple but profound question: “If money was not an issue, what do you picture yourself doing?” I thought for a moment and the answer was easy: writing and public speaking. “That’s what you need to do.” he said. As I’m writing this, U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is playing in the background, a reminder that I didn’t know what I was looking for till I was asked that simple question. Being in a small intimate group of like-minded peers allowed me to get clarity in my life.

Nirvana is now playing and Kurt is singing over and over: “Don’t expect me to cry.” Was I going to cry because I was not enjoying my life? No! I was going to change it! I now had my sights set on writing and public speaking. The thing about setting goals inside a Mastermind Group is you have to follow through. What was my plan? I didn’t have one yet, but I gave myself a deadline of September to start something new. I quit my job, giving the company ample time to prepare for my departure with the smallest impact. During this time, I spoke with Julian of the Channelnext events and we discussed my experiences being a VAR who transformed into an MSP while living in Mexico who finally sold his company. While at the ChannelNext event in Blue Mountain, Ontario, during the Karaoke competition, I decided to register varmastermind.com based on the intuition that it was something I wish I had when I was an VAR/MSP. Little did I know that this project would soon gain serious traction!

My Lamb shank has arrived with a Merlot pairing as Coldplay is signing: “Nobody Said It Was Easy.” The trouble with striving to live your dream are the doubts when you are awake. Did I have a plan B…I didn’t even have a plan A! Julian requested that I speak the following month after my departure at the Banff event. This aligned with my vision, so I began thinking about what I could teach my fellow VARs and MSPs. I decided to write about 2020 Business Vision, where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years. I was seeing before my own eyes the power of a vision, so the topic was fresh. It must have been good because I was invited to give the talk again, this time in St-Sauveur (April 2015).

And now a year has passed, I am waiting for my Goat Cheese Cake (no pairing, I have a 6 hour drive) and I’ve just finished speaking at another Channelnext event in Niagara Falls. I have speaking engagements in Chicago (August 2015) and Washington D.C. (September 2015) lined up. The VAR Mastermind is getting traction and we are at the edge of transforming the lives of those who will also take a step back and create their own vision. With a group of their peers, they will make their business Bionic and gain the power of a Mastermind Group, the vehicle that brought me me here today, having an amazing meal, at this beautiful estate.

As I’m leaving, “Rocket Man” by Elton John is playing and I ask: Are you ready to take a ride in a rocket ship that will take your business to the next level?

Visit VAR Mastermind today so you too can experience the power of a Mastermind Group.

By Randal Wark