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Helmut Reketat of G Data in the NEWS

Never heard of GData? Well you may be hearing a lot more about them as they expand into the North American market.

They claim to have invented the first commercial antivirus in 1985 from a guy doing music in a garage on an Atari, who simply wanted to protect his music. Later they sold the first routing software in Germany. In 1995, they switched 100% to an anti-virus company and grew into a huge success.

You really need to understand the culture of this company. They put people first. They import their own coffee. They brew their own beer onsite. They have a winery. They have a sommelier (who has their own sommelier?). They have onsite cooks that make nutritious meals for their employees every day. They even have their own hotel on their facility! Maybe next will be a spa?

Helmut said, “We think if you eat healthy, care for your employees and enjoy your work, then the company and employee win”. I totally agree!

“Our product is different from the competition first on quality – German quality.  It is also very easy to use, as we are coming from an end-user background. We also have training sessions and 40 English-speaking support staff, free of charge”, adds Helmut.

The company also offers backup as part of the protection solution (free 5 GB space in the cloud).

I will keep an eye on this company to see how it expands in North America. I think this company may have the right stuff to take market share in the security space. It’s impressive to learn about the company’s philosophy and how they care for their employees. Who would not want to work for or with an IT company with their own brewery and winery? I am in!

Listen to the podcast interview here