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Welcome To our VARCoach Blog

We believe in the channel and we want to help it to regain its status as the only relevant go-to-market strategy for all technology solutions and products. This blog is dedicated to helping VARs take back control by running their businesses better and exploiting the latest trends.

Our mission is to deliver relevant information and tools to help VARs, MSPs and Solution Providers streamline, manage and market their businesses. The end-goal is to help them to build a next generation business model and make more sustainable profits.

VAR Office Suite™ – The tools and services that VARs need to run their business.

VARTrends™ – The events where VARs come to learn and experience the tools and services first hand.

VARCoach™ – The Blog that delivers relevant content to educate VARs on how to build a stronger business.

These three brands are supported by TechnoPlanet, a channel development company for over 25 years, based in Canada. Its team has been in the IT industry since 1984 and had a front row seat to witness its incredible evolution. The creation of VAR Office Suite, VARTrends and VARCoach are its latest initiatives to support the IT Channel. Everything TechnoPlanet does is to benefit the IT channel. To learn more please visit www.technoplanet.com

This VARCoach blog will provide the educational content for you to learn and VAR Office Suite will provide the tools and services to help you get the job done right.

Every partner of VAR Office Suite has a powerful tool or service that was developed specifically to help VARs run their business.  Many of us were VARs. We truly understand the DNA of a VAR. We are business professionals who live and breathe the IT Channel. All of the solutions are already being used by many VARs to run their business. There is no “vaporware” here! Actually, most of the tools you find in VAR Office Suite were selected based on recommendations from VARs who use and like them!

We connect with thousands of VARs every year. We listen. We improve.

You will get to know our team through this blog, video interviews, online presentations and face-to-face at our VARTrends events. The contributors all have a vested interest in VAR Office Suite and the success of the channel so you know that they truly want you to succeed.

VAR Office Suite is the driving force for why and what we do. It is composed of over 30 tools in 12 categories. It has everything any VAR needs to run their business. Keep reading this blog as it will continually highlight every component of the suite of tools with related business tips and best practice content. If you see a fit, you can take immediate action by requesting more information and booking a demo at http://www.varofficesuite.com/contact.php

We will help you to understand why and how VAR Office Suite matters to your business, one solution at a time!

The channel needs the next generation of VARs to remain relevant. VARs who get it have already started the transformation. Call it the next generation VAR, MSP, Solution Provider, Business Advisor, IT Consultant or whatever you wish. What really matters is that you find a road map to sustain your growth and success in the future. You can start by building your own roadmap by taking the VAR business health test at www.varofficesuite.com.

On top of this, we will explore the best ways for VARS to exploit the latest channel trends in Cloud, Managed Services, BYOD/Mobility, Business Intelligence an Big Data. We will also have VARs tell their success and failure stories. If its relevant to VARs running their business, you will find it here.

Why are we doing this now?

Many VARs are looking for help now. The old ways of VARs doing business as usual has simply gone out of the window! Managed Services, Cloud and BYOD have all changed the way the channel does business, forever. Add to this, the economic issues; the commoditization of services; the constant downward pressure on margins; the on-going amalgamation of products through company mergers and acquisitions… These are some of big game-changing events that have dramatically and permanently altered the way the channel does business.

As with every new era in the channel, the challenges are big, but so are the opportunities for those who adapt to the market needs. We invite you to read the blog and watch the videos. Share it with your staff. We believe this information will help you to move the needle up on your business.

Here you will find a friendly place where you can learn, find tools and get help to run your entire business with no pressure or obligation.

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