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Giselle Delmas of Fujitsu in the NEWS

Fujitsu Scanning and Imaging products help companies reduce their paper pains by taking in those documents and digitizing them. Fujitsu is huge in the fields of medical, legal and education. The market also includes Government, insurance, dental and many more! Where there is a lot of paper, there is the potential for document management.

Out of the gate, Fujitsu provides a 5 to 10% discount for opportunities created by the resellers. It’s not just about the money you make on scanners. There is the revenue from data storage, security, backup and of course the management and real-time accessibility of the digital documents. There is also the huge opportunity of converting a paper-based environment to digital. Partners can easily wrap a lot of additional Managed Services around a document management solution!

Fujitsu partners can leverage their free evaluation program to allow their end users to see their solution working in their environment. If you are new to the document management business and want to learn more or explore how you can offer to your clients, contact their team at fci.imaging@ca.fujitsu.com.

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