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Get that sale with focus on people, process and technology

The competition to sell technological solutions is fierce. Everyone has their spin. Every product has its benefits.

But it’s about building that comfort with a client that a product or service is right for them that’s the challenge.

Three basic kinds of information goes a long way to help “seal the deal.”

Simply put, it’s all about people, process and technology.

People – First it’s essential to engage the lead, prospect or client ready for an upsell. They need to understand the personal benefit attached to the product. And it’s critical to understand the value must be apparent to the context of their individual business – and not just a universal value that they might wedge into.

The product will be best received if it has to have a firm fit and not become an option because they need to round the edges to make fit the hole.

It’s also essential to understand value is different for anyone who touches the product in a business operation. Impressing the C-level suite with a product is far different than addressing the needs of a product user on the floor, who perhaps has the greatest daily usage of any product. Top leadership has to understand an ROI attached to any purchase. Someone on say, the sales floor, needs to understand how they can benefit from the saving of time or the making of money. The greater the ability to show there’s something for everyone, maximize product buy-in and ultimately user.

Process – The right product touches and improves the business process for a company. This can lead to impressive gains in time or new levels of revenue. Products like a CRM do a great job in data linkage between an operation which improves reporting, minimizes the number of hands that touch any specific business request and drastically improves the customer touch and relationships. When people see a business process begin to improve it builds both confidence and momentum. It leaves them looking for more ways to effectively use a product to build further advantage – and perhaps look at complementary products.

Technology – With any product it has to work. And the ability to specifically meet the needs of the business with a product builds trust and ownership. Some products are universal in nature and when that’s appropriate it’s great. But an advantage of today’s technology is often the ability to build the perfect beast to fit a company’s needs. Engaging the people to outline and show where the product fits into the business process (and provides ROI) eases the transition to any new technology.

To blend the concepts of people, process and technology when providing a product means to build an intimate relationship with the client – and furthers the chances of an ongoing trusted business relationship.

By Rick McCutcheon, President, Full Contact Selling