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Get free content for your web store

ibiz10FrontendThe IT market is becoming ferociously competitive and you don’t only want to meet your sales expectations but you also want to have happy customers who return to your online shop to buy more products in the future.  You have to look for the best distributor’s deals, create the best promotions, provide the most outstanding customer service and deliver the products as soon as possible.  Incorporating reviews (positive and negative) to your products and services, uploading better quality pictures and the most detailed product information available will deliver the best online shopping experience. You want all of this plus more because it will satisfy your customers when they visit your online shop.

After investing a lot of money to attract visitors to your online shop, it is frustrating when they leave without a purchase. Some of the reasons why this can occur, apart from price, the lack of stock for products and negative reviews, is because the quality of information that the online shops provide to their visitors is not enough to persuade them to finalize the purchase. Manufacturers publish their product content, their distributors deliver a PDF format version of the product description and most online shops are spending important amounts of money on online content and implementation. Fortunately, these costs are now reduced thanks to Open Icecat, the unique free online catalogue of data-sheets.

In 2005 the Open Icecat project was launched to the market; already 20 founding brands understood the importance of providing the growing online shops with free high-quality standardized content. The positive reaction and immediate implementation of the catalogue by the online channel motivated the participation of more brands making Open Icecat one of the most important sources of technical datasheets in the World. Now the Open catalogue includes almost 300 sponsoring brands worldwide and it continues to grow.

Before Open Icecat, the market was dominated by content providers with extremely high cost catalogues which were only affordable for big companies. The startup and medium companies had no choice but to standardize the content for themselves. Even some big companies preferred to hire people exclusively to standardize product content, in many of these cases it resulted in incorrect interpretation of the marketing texts, incorrect values, incorrect categorization, poor quality pictures and even worse, information was not maintained and updated.

The Open Icecat is a worldwide unique open catalogue that aims to provide the online channel with the most cost-efficient product information (data-sheets) in cooperation with high technology brands. The Open catalogue is a project sponsored by almost 300 manufacturers and used by almost 30 000 online sites worldwide.  The sponsorship allows Icecat to distribute for free more than 750 000 standardized and uniformed data-sheets of IT, CE, Telecom, Office and Lighting brands standardized in 2 online formats for easy implementing, categorizing, filtering, searching and comparing of products.

What does a standardized Open Icecat datasheet contain?

Brand name
Manufacturer Part Number
Categorization (UNSPSC based)
Product images (unlimited)
Multimedia content (demos, product video’s)
Multilingual marketing text
Standardized specifications for search & compare
Leaflets, User manuals (PDF)
Options (related products)
Alternative products
General Data: release date, modification date
Logistic data: EAN/UPC code, weight & dimensions

You Get:

1.     Standardized information for search tools and comparison,

2.    Fully sponsored by manufacturers,

3.     Manufacturer-approved product content,

4.     Broad coverage in IT, CE, Telecom, Office and Lighting

5.     International Standards.

6.     Quick description of new product on the market

The Icecat content catalog is available through ibiz10 web stores see www.ibiz10.com. For more information Please complete the contact form at www.varofficesuite.com and check off the appropriate boxes.

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