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Get Excited when you Speak!

A good orator is pointed and impassioned. Marcus T. Cicero

Excitement and enthusiasm are contagious. Just try not to be affected by someone who is bubbling with joy or bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. You just can’t do it. The miraculous thing about excitement and enthusiasm is that it is very hard to forget. Whatever you say with enthusiasm and excitement will be etched in the brains of your audience for a very long time. Speaking of which, I can recall a meeting that happened over ten years ago simply because the moderator had demonstrated excitement and enthusiasm.

It was a dreary Monday morning at the office as I ambled towards my office desperately clutching that much needed overpriced coffee when a colleague practically accosted me in the hallway and said “You better get a move on, there’s a meeting in the large board room in five minutes.’ Can you think of a more discouraging way to start your work week?

So off I go to the boardroom, coffee still in hand. I placed myself in my favourite chair, the one facing the window. In comes our Managing Director with a half awake smile as well as a half hearted attempt at professionalism who immediately begins to chide us all for being a “tad” late for the meeting. Having barely woken up myself, I then noticed another gentleman in the room. He stood about 6’5 with broad shoulders and a huge smile plastered beneath a lively thick moustache. I wondered what he was going to tell us that we absolutely, positively, needed to know at 8 a.m. on a Monday Morning.

Our Director was droning on about something as I sat there daydreaming through my looking glass window when suddenly I heard this big booming voice say “HOWDY YA’LL—HOW ARE YA’LL DOING THIS MORNING—MY NAME IS BRAD AND WE ARE GOING TO HAVE MORE FUN TODAY THAN FLIES AT A BBQ—WHY, BY THE END OF OUR TRAINING TODAY YA’LL BE A HOOTIN’ AND A HOLLERIN’ ALL THE WAY BACK TO YOUR DESKS!”

Well that woke me up! Next thing I know, Brad is looking at me and beaming the biggest, broadest and most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. Then it happened. He started towards me. Before I had a chance to escape, he leans in towards me and says “WELL NOW LITTLE LADY, TELL ME, WHAT GETS YOUR BLOOD PUMPING?” To which I said, “Forget my blood, if you keep up like you’re doing I’m going to have a heart attack!” Well, that did it. Not only did he let out a huge belly laugh, the whole boardroom was in stitches. The rest of the training that day went pretty much the same way and I can honestly say I remember just about every part of it even now. How could I forget it?

Now I’m not saying you have to get in your audience’s face and blare at them, but 50 percent of what I described above would be a good place to start. If you are excited about a topic, if your enthusiasm is oozing all over the place, your audience can’t help but “catch” it—it’s contagious.

More importantly, it’s a memory jogger as well. What better way than to have your audience remembering every word you said simply because you communicated your love and passion about the subject matter. This is how you reach people. This is what gets them to remember you and not the other speakers.

Heidi Crux