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Five Power Business BOOTCAMPS on June 29th – Milton Keynes to move the needle up on your skills

On June 29th, you can attend any of the following 5 Business BOOTCAMPS in Milton Keynes, UK. Simply complete the registration form and select “send me information on bootcamps“. You will receive complete information and payment details.

These BOOTCAMPS are INTENSIVE and CONDENSED 3-hour business coaching sessions designed specifically for IT VARs and MSPs who want to learn the most skills in the least amount of time!

If you want to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business, then these BOOTCAMPS are perfect for you! This will definitely move the needle UP on your business! All BOOTCAMPS are led by the best qualified business coaches in their field.

5 BootCamp topics: Financial Management, Digital Marketing, Social Selling, Customer Retention and Sales Process. We know that these are 5 of the biggest areas in which most VARs and MSPs need help. You will go home with some skills that will make a significant impact on your business.

1.The mind set and practical habits of the financially successful

Sustainable financial success doesn’t happen by accident or luck, and the majority of small businesses fail in the first few years. In this practical workshop-based boot camp you’ll discover what your own personal financial blueprint is, uncover your financial mind-set, learn about the top success factors of the truly financially successful, and create your own financial strategy for your life and your business. All highly practical ideas you can take back to your business, and you’ll leave with your own action plan designed to start getting you results straight away.

  • Financial blueprint
  • Financial mind set
  • What great financial management and information looks like
  • Personal and business financial strategy – and how the two connect
  • Creating a big vision for their life
  • Creating a detailed action plan to take back to their business

Duration: 3 Hours

Business Coach: Serena Humphrey

2. Why Everything You Have Been Told About Marketing Is Wrong And How To Fix That

When everything you know about marketing is wrong the reality is that you losing thousands of pounds of sales every month. Today we will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start getting this money back. Many of my clients achieve 10s of thousands directly from this workshops content!

  • Welcome Three Ages Of Sales
  • Market Dominating Strategy
  • Science Of Business Development
  • Doubling You Lead/Sales Pipeline

Duration: 3 Hours

Business Coach: Neil Jeffrey

3. LinkedIn Social Selling with live online demonstrations

Nobody really enjoys ‘cold calling’. That usually applies to the people making the calls, as well as those of us on the receiving end. And the same goes for spam emails…

Surely there has to be a better way to find and engage with unknown customers and prospects out there than just buying a list, and resorting to ‘Spray ‘n’ Pray? There is – and it’s called Social Selling.

In this informal and interactive session, Keith Grover will be exploring:

  • The Social Selling phenomenon – how social media is revolutionising the sales process
  • Using LinkedIn to find customers you never knew existed using LinkedIn’s advanced search options
  • Find more of those Top Ten customers you love working with (‘Clone a Client’)
  • Engaging with prospects and customers – the softly, softly approach
  • Building a reputation for Expertise and Approachability that draws prospects towards you, through publishing articles and updates (avoiding the ‘Facebook trap’!)
  • The role of the Company Page and Showcase pages in customer support and acquisition
  • Making valuable Connections who will introduce you to your target audience
  • ‘Magic Mail’ – a ninja tactic that’s better than InMail (and free!)
  • In-session Q&A – throughout this BootCamp you’ll have every chance to ask about anything you ever wanted to know about LinkedIn and Social Selling…

Duration: 3 Hours

Business Coach: Keith Grover

4. Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is neither a vague “feel good aspiration” or an “end” in its own right but a vital component of sustainable business success.

Through design and deployment of appropriate methods, Customer Loyalty can be measured, drivers of Dissatisfaction and Satisfaction identified and programmes deployed to drive required improvements over time.

In his Boot Camp Mark will provide;

  • An increased understanding of Customer Satisfaction, how this develops into Loyalty and how that state supports sustainable and profitable growth.
  •  A structured tool, the Six Pillars of Customer Loyalty Maturity, which can used to determine the “now state” within an organisation and help outline systemic improvement opportunities.
  •  Key actions which an organisation can undertake to prepare for successful deployment of a Customer Loyalty Programme.
  •  An introduction to the Net Promoter System and a wealth of practical insights drawn from deployment in varied applications and settings.
  • Techniques to ensure that identified improvements get done and are not swallowed by the whirlwind of everyday events.
  •  Links to the world of Quality to show how allied professionals within the team can assist and have their own contribution leveraged.
  •  An overview of the links between Customer Loyalty and successful Account Management.

Attendees will leave well equipped to develop, deploy and manage effective Customer Loyalty programmes within their own organisations and secure the resulting business impacts!

Duration: 3 Hours

Business Coach: Mark Eydman

5.Why winning new business is so difficult. Or is it?

“Over recent years I have spent a lot of time meeting and working with Managed Service Providers/VAR’s. When we get into conversations about what is the greatest challenge within their business it comes back to the same one thing over and over – WINNING NEW CUSTOMERS.”

WINNING CUSTOMERS IS A PROCESS: It is not an event, but a series of events which have to be followed in order – starting at the beginning:

  • WHO we should be selling to
  • WHERE we should be looking
  • WHAT should we be selling and our proposition.

During the course of the workshop, we will understand WHY this is the case and HOW we go about putting this together.

Duration: 3 Hours

Business Coach: Paul Lloyd

We will be offering many more BUSINESS BOOTCAMPS throughout the year all across the UK. Subscribe at varcoach.com to be notified of the upcoming bootcamps nearest you!

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There are six things that we are currently doing in the UK to help VARs and MSPs build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business!

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  5. Hosting a wide variety of business BOOTCAMPS across the UK so you can cost-effectively improve your business skills in the least amount of time.
  6. Connecting you with the best vendors offering recurring revenue solutions. It’s an Everything-as-a-Service future and we can help you get there faster, easier and smarter.

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