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Find the sweet spot between products and services to increase net profit by as much as 30%

Selling products or services that carry a higher gross profit can substantially help bottom line performance. In many cases, this shift can be accomplished by working with your sales force to change the way they sell.

Unfortunately, many sales personnel gravitate toward selling items that carry a lower gross profit because they have conditioned themselves to sell based on price rather than on value. It is critical that sales personnel understand how to sell based on value delivered rather than on price.

So how can a VAR change these bad habits of their sales reps? Fist start by having them take a proper sales skills test. There are several online sales aptitude tests available or our coaches can help you accomplish this important task.This process will help you uncover their strengths and weaknesses. With this data in hand, it will be much easier for you to know how to fix the problem with your sales team.

There is a process to modify the behavior of sales people to become more effective at selling solutions rather than just products. WIth an effective coach by your side, you will move the needle on the success of your sales team.

The bottom line is that products must be sold with services and vice versa. This is how you can increase your net profits. Managed Service and Cloud services are making this easier to do. The trick is to get your sales people to understand how to sell comprehensive solutions and manage the sales opportunities for the lifecycle of their customers’ IT assets. Check out the tools, training and support to help you find your sweet spot at VAR Office Suite.

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