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ERP And CRM Meets Mobility

HansaWorld is the first with  a full ERP and CRM system for mobile operating systems like iOS , Android, Windows 8 and others. The company believes that good tablet and mobile solutions are crucial in the fight for the ERP market, not least in relation to the next generation of users and usage trends.

Internet when and where you need it is gone from a vision to obviousness. Smart phones have long since conquered the mobile market . According to IDC, in 2012there was 122 million tablets sold, up 74%  from  the 68.7 million units  sold in 2011 . IDC expects 2013 to have sales for 172.4 million tablets. Meanwhile, sales of PC units are in strong stagnation.

Feedback from the market is unambiguously indicating that users want ERP and CRM systems also on mobile devices . “Here we are ahead of the competition . As of today we are pioneers in the global  market with a complete ERP and CRM client for all mobile operating systems.” says Stephen Jay Sales and Channel Manager for  HansaWorld North America.

“Users bring their mobile gadgets to work , the so-called “bring your own device” and expect to be able to use these at work. Many are disappointed.”, says Jay. He says there are many examples of simple functionality solutions such as time keeping which is offered as an  app and  several competitors also offer user interfaces with web based technology.

However, the main practical and technological differences to work on a complete ERP / CRM client versus in a web-based interface are; The web-based interface provides , for example, the same navigation capabilities as a client but can not be integrated with the operating system as a whole so it is possible only for a limited mobile client.

“Employees also have different needs, and so to keep ahead in the long run you need to offer apps with simple functionality. For example, managers, project managers, account managers and financial officers who are constantly traveling need to follow the company and control processes from their mobile devices” , says Jay . He adds: “Mobile Technology has lowered the threshold many notches and it’s associated with simplicity. Simplicity means in practice that people not only use technology , but also make the most of it while on the go. We want to help this with our mobile clients.”

ERP systems are often associated with complex installation processes and costly maintenance . HansaWorld working upstream in relation to this. The company has 25 years history Globally and more than 77 000 with small and medium enterprises as customers in 110 countries. Installation of the company ‘s system is done mostly by customers downloading the software from the web and clicking ” Install” . Likewise  a tablet app is available for downloading from the AppStore, Google ‘s Play, iTunes and Windows Marketplace.

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