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Enhance Your Buying Power With Group Rates

edge to epicLarge corporations get all the deals & perks. Why? Because they are big; and bargaining power is a numbers game. A game where small businesses have been the permanent underdog.

We all love saving money. But not at the expense of quality. What if there was a way you could keep more of your hard earned money without compromising the quality of goods and services your business needs?

We are proud to announce we have teamed up with this great initiative to help you optimize your bottom-line by providing exclusive access to preferred group rates and previously inaccessible volume savings on key business services. Group buying means unbeatable pricing. Because we represent so many great businesses, we have access to incredible discounts with top providers spanning various industries. And we are passing on those savings to you.

 Think about it: health benefits, insurance, travel, payment processing, videoconferencing, office supplies, telecom, payroll, foreign exchange, etc. – the cost of all these items adds up.

As a business owner, how do you find the TIME to:

  • Research and analyze the overload of providers, plans and options available;
  • Negotiate with top providers to access better rates; and
  • Run the most efficient, cost effective, and profitable small business possible?

All this work takes Time… and time is money! Let our experience save you both. The purchasing power of Edge to Epic and VAR Office Suite will give you the confidence you have the best solutions at the best rates. Join thousands of Canadians who have already begun increasin their profits.

Only available in Canada at the time.

 SIGN UP now – it’s wonderfully FREE!

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