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Elite 300 Mastermind Group Poised To Grow Its Members’ Business By 30%

The 2017 ChannelNext Conferences have wrapped up for the year, but behind the scenes, furious activity will continue for the Elite 300 Mastermind program (this year’s main highlight of the events). Its sole mission is the build the Country’s next top 300 Channel partners in 2018 by growing their business by at least 30%!

Do you know who is Ronald Wayne? Many people don’t, because of one decision back in 1976 that would have made him more than $80 billion today. Every day, we are confronted with big and small decisions. Successful people are attuned to recognize the decisions that can change a life.

We believe that a similar a game-changing decision was presented to a packed ChannelNext conference in the beautiful Kananaskis Village (above is a cool pic that I took of the mountains in Kananaskis – great place to think big). Randal Wark, co-founder of VARMastermind ended the first day of the event by sharing some of his life defining decisions. He explained what a MasterMind group is and has meant to his career as he outlined some of the many benefits that can be derived from joining one. However, instead of simply talking about it, he also conducted a live MasterMind Taster Session for all to participate.

The room was divided into 5 groups composing of a random mix of VARs, MSPs and Vendors. Each group had a Business Coach who facilitated the MasterMind session. Using a well-defined process created by VARMasterMind, each group choose one issue to tackle. By the end of the session, peer suggestions were given to solve that issue, a timeline was established to solve it and an accountability group was formed to ensure the follow through. We will actually be following up to ensure that the resulting action plan will be executed to solve the problem discussed.

The value of such a group was demonstrated to those who never experienced the collective power of a MasterMind. If you asked anyone who participated, they will all tell you of the high-value that they received. We know, because we asked them! The ones who opened up the most, got the greatest value, but even the more quiet participants found value simply from listening to their peers’ challenges and the advice given. Many said that they were relieved when they realized that “they were not alone” as they saw others facing the same challenges as they do! Even vendors got an eye opening experience that helped them to better understand the needs of their channel partners.

At the end of the session, attendees were asked to consider making one life-defining decision…  “Will you join the Elite 300 to improve your business and life?”

Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple, a mere 12 days into the venture, for $800. That decision cost him more than $80 billion. Why? Fear. Apple had a contract to sell 100 computers. Steve Jobs took out a $15,000 loan to buy the parts needed to do the work. To some, this may look risky. To others, the investment outweighed the risks verses reward. Ronald got scared, and sold his shares.

Successful people recognize that you need to invest smartly if you want the big payback. Many focus too much on the risks and become paralyzed in making a decision. Risks verses reward is an important analysis to make but you do need to have a well-balanced approach. Sometimes you have to go with part brain and part gut!

Ask yourself “what do I have to loose by doing this and what do I have to potentially gain by doing this?”

What will be the risks verses reward for those who invest in themselves by joining the Elite 300? Well, you can start by simply reading all about its value in the information kit or visiting the website. Or, contact us to discuss one-on-one!

Common sense says that investing in building your personal knowledge is always a good thing. It’s why we go to school, read and listen to experts. Having a good business coach will never hurt anyone. Having 6 right-fit business coaches to support you as needed, will rock your World. With such support, it’s near impossible to not improve your business. With all of the hard and smart work that went into developing this Elite 300 program, we are 100% convinced that it will be more than enough to grow your business by 30%! Is that a good enough gain for you?

One vendor who is already part of another MasterMind group commented that those who participate save a “Quarter per year”. What does that mean? The group allows them to learn from others’ mistakes and get business shortcuts that allows them to move faster. The end result is that they are able to be 3 months ahead of their competitors.

In this case, the MasterMind reward is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits. Even if that were the ONLY benefit, it would easily generate a significant return on your investment. The Elite 300 will have the entire focus of the VARMasterMind team, which includes top business coaches and industry leaders. The ChannelNext conferences next year will double down on business development to support the Elite 300 members. It is going to be like no other channel conference in the IT industry.

“We also made the introductory membership fee very affordable to allow any size company that wants to be at the top of their game, to join. There are 3 levels of memberships depending on your travel commitments. We also offer one-time trial membership for those who need a bigger taste before joining”.

We calculated what it would cost if a VAR/MSP were to buy the time from the Coaches to do this on their own and we estimated it would be at least $37,000. That’s without the peer group, special events and TechnoPlanet’s support! Elite 300 members get everything at a small fraction of the actual cost!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good fit to be an Elite 300 Mastermind Member. You can’t just give your credit card and automatically be part of the Elite 300! When you fill out the initial application form, you will first have a 1 on 1 personal interview to find out if you qualify to be part of this exclusive group. We will then explore what level of participation will give you the most benefit. We will also match you with the right group of like-minded peers that will provide the most value to you. You will not only be building business relationships, but also strong friendships!

Book your no obligation interview today! Only 300 membership spots available in each of the 3 countries that we are targeting in 2018 (Canada, USA and UK). It’s your business. It’s your life. Do you want to be a Steve or Ronald? We are super stoked for the opportunity to welcome you and embark on this exciting journey with you as part of this Elite group of channel partners!

Check out our news media at eChannelNEWS for more insights on what happened at the recent ChannelNEXT West and watch the video interviews with some amazing vendors that are channel-friendly and can help you build recurring revenue! More to come…It’s always free to subscribe and be kept up to date!