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Do you like your website? If you really do, then don’t read this post!

Even though most VARs and MSPs know the importance of having a good web site, many still struggle with doing it right. We have done many surveys on the topic and offered many assessment tests to help them see the light.

The problem is not that they do not understand its importance. They get it! They understand that it is the first thing that their prospects visit to check them out before doing business. They understand the importance of a professional and modern digital image. The problem is not even getting a decent looking front-end!

The problem is content maintenance! For a web site to rock, it must meet the latest standards and expectations of the end-users. It has to look good. It has to be fast. It has to be easy to use. It has to have relevant and up-to-date content!

One of our partners is offering a turn-key solution with three levels of Website-as-a-Service maintenance packages. You can choose to just get the website up and running so you can do the maintenance and hosting yourself. You can also choose to add one of the three monthly managed service options to maintain content and keep it fresh. They can keep you looking great, automatically.

Getting the right web site is an important first step. Ensuring that it properly reflects who you want to be and what you want to do is essential. Having it properly hosted for high performance and security is a must. Keeping its content relevant and up to date will earn more customer wins for you!

Quick Tip: Pick 10 of your customers randomly and ask them what they think of your web site. Ask them to rate it based on appearance and relevance to them between 0 and 10. Add up the scores and divide by 10. This will give you a rough idea of how you are perceived through your web site, by your clients. Sometimes, simple common sense is all you need to know and make a decision.

Click Here to check out this demo web site to get a feel for what you could look like!