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Coaching your team to success

Money is not the only thing that motivates sales people. Helping them to improve their skills may actually be just as rewarding. It helps them to do their jobs better and easier. Ultimately, they will sell more and make more money!

Many studies show that improving sales skills will increase revenues for both the employer and the sales rep. Exactly how much your sales will increase is something that you have to find out for yourself. However, do not be surprised if you see numbers reaching over 20% in the first year!

Why invest in the skills training of your sales team? The answer may be obvious. In our unscientific survey of our resellers, we find that only 3 out of 10 have any significant professional sales training program in place. Most rely on the “sales training” that they get from vendors that they represent. When we dug a bit deeper, we learned that it was limited to sales sheets, some videos and template presentations.

We believe that if you were to invest in improving the skills of your sales team, then your company will benefit every day moving forward. Beyond the increase in sales, you will also generate employee satisfaction and loyalty. You will also learn the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team so you can better understand what breeds the most success. Apply this business intelligence to squeeze even more productivity from your team.

One of the big services of VAR Office Suite is coaching. We have never seen a sales rep become weaker after sales coaching. On occasion, we have seen sales reps remain at the same level after coaching. You decide what to do with sales reps that do not improve after coaching. Maybe they are  perfect? Maybe they are not right for the job? Maybe they have other challenges? Regardless, all sales reps should grow their sales!

Every reseller should do at least an annual assessment of their sales reps. Our Coaches could help you do this professionally and teach you how to monitor their progress. Once you understand the capabilities of your sales reps, offer them targeted training with on-going coaching to help them improve their performance.

If you have a CRM tool (and it works), it is important that you “marry” the sales process to your CRM requirements. CRM and sales training goes hand in hand. When you combine the right sales coaching with the right sales process and the right CRM, great things will happen.

Most professional sales Coaches leverage roughly the same playbook to get the job done. The difference is in their approach and ability to teach or coach. We all remember good and bad teachers from school. You want good teachers. All of the Coaches under the VAR Office Suite umbrella understands IT resellers and their specific requirements. We have great teachers!

Tip: Sending your sales reps on a training course is only halfway to success. You do need some type of on-going support or coaching for your sales team to practice what they have learnt, ask questions and get feedback. Your sales manager could play this role, if they have the skill set.

Is sales coaching right for your company? Talk to one of our Coaches to find out or sign up your team for a course and measure the results before and after. Regardless of where you get your sales training, please share your results with us so we can help the channel quantify the results that they could expect.