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Coaching an effective sales team

Putting a good sales rep to work with a weak sales manager or a broken sales process or poor marketing or an overly complex CRM tool will yield poor sales results. Too often, employers put too much weight on the actual performance of the sales rep and overlook the tools and support that they need to help them get their jobs done.

Assuming that you have these important items under control, building a more effective sales team is simply about improving their skills.

Here are some key skills that your sales representatives should have:

1) Prospecting and Qualifying (especially C-Level management)

2) Cold Calling and Appointment Setting (many sales people perform poorly in this task)

3) Professional Presentation

4) Objection Handing

5) Negotiation

6) Closing

7) Customer Relationship Maintenance/ Follow Up

8) Social Networking

A good sales coach can help your sales reps to improve upon these and other skills. The coach should also stay connected with the sales reps long after the training phase is over to ensure that they are executing properly. With the right ongoing guidance and support from the right Coach, your sales rep can truly improve their performance and immediately impact your sales.

When companies invest in the ongoing education and skills improvement of their employees, their job satisfaction levels increase as well as their productivity. Some studies show that ongoing skills development is as important as increased compensation.

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