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Cloud On-Boarding Just Got Simplified for IT Solution Providers

We are always on the hunt for solutions that will empower MSPs, VARs and ITSPs to grow their business and build more recurring revenue. A big part of the game is building an effective Cloud Business Practice. For anyone who has gone down this path, you know the extraordinary effort and cost associated in attaining success. There is a company that recently introduced something called the “Cloud Start Initiative” for MSPs and IT Solution Providers that claims to greatly simplify, speed up the process and reduce cost.

IndependenceIT is a company that unifies cloud, application and data management for IT administrators. Their new program offers three engagement levels for partners that range from entry level to professional and elite-class IT service providers. The initiative complements the company’s flagship cloud management platform called Cloud Workspace Suite, with new pricing framework for both out-of-the-box and customized cloud solutions enablement.

“Our vision for growth is entirely centered around the adoption of cloud-based computing by end-customers and their preferred IT solution providers, regardless of whether that is through CSPs, MSPs, ISVs or other IT solution providers,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT.

“The Cloud Start Initiative takes into consideration the fact that partners enter the cloud services arena at different stages and require pricing and delivery packages customized to their requirements. With our multi-tier partner pricing structure, our partners are assured greater success with CWS in this emerging market.”

The channel’s engagement with the cloud delivery model is deepening as a large percentage of IT solution providers are turning to cloud services as a part of their client service portfolio. Many IT solution providers own their data center and there a rise in the integration and adoption of co-location and public cloud infrastructure. These Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are now moving to next generation cloud platforms in order to better support clients throughout the entire IT transformation.

The Cloud Start Initiative seamlessly facilitates this transition for partners with the following three levels”

  1. Cloud Start: Designed for the service provider looking to get started in the cloud. Includes sup- port for one software-defined data center (SDDC), 15 managed users, or 50 virtual machines. Cloud Start is priced at $100 per month per SDDC.
  2. Cloud Start Pro: Perfect for the service provider looking to deploy multiple end customers of establish a multi-vendor strategy. Includes support for two software-defined data centers, 30 managed users, or 100 virtual machines. Cloud Start Pro is priced at $200 per month per SDDC.
  3. Cloud Elite: An advanced plan for IT service providers interested in deploying customized solutions and to both simplify and standardize cloud installations. The Cloud Elite plan includes a custom number of software-defined data centers, a custom number of managed users, and a custom number of virtual machines. The Cloud Elite plan is personalized for the solution provider and priced based on specific partner requirements.

“IndependenceIT continues to move forward in the channel and the Cloud Start Initiative exemplifies its understanding and focus on the companies it seeks to form partnerships with,” said Robert Young, Research Director, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software, IDC. “The program complements their highly automated platform with affordable and flexible cloud onboarding that promises to empower and embolden solution providers.”

The core technology underlying the Cloud Start Initiative is the patented Cloud Workspace Suite software (“CWS”). CWS unifies cloud, applications, data, and user management to simplify the entire IT systems lifecycle. The cloud enablement platform also provides automation and workflow to streamline administrative tasks from infrastructure to end- users. With CWS, IT service providers are capable of provisioning and managing software defined data centers, App Services and complete cloud-based IT workspaces using a single pane of glass for visibility across an entire organization.

Learn more at IndependentIT. We will doing a webinar to showcase this solution soon so check for the next date to register.