There are over 4,000 vendors that we target to uncover growth opportunities for our channel partners. At every ChannelNEXT event, we only have space to showcase about 20 that we feel will deliver the best results for the VARs and MSPs who attend.

We tend to mix it up with a variety of vendors in the space of Cloud, Managed Services and Mobility. We will have several of the leading vendors offering Managed Services, Service Automation and Remote Monitoring and Management. We will have several of the very best business continuity vendors (this sector is super hot). We have two fantastic vendors in the VoIP area because every VAR/MSP should be easily getting their piece of the “Telco” pie. We have several leading  hardware vendors that still good margins for the channel. We have everything Microsoft for VARs/MSPs to build out a comprehensive Cloud offering. Some comprehensive storage and data-center solutions as every business needs that. A Networking Operations Center provider that can help MSPs to scale, reduce costs and offer a wider range of managed services. One amazing network assessment tool that will help any sales rep to uncover more and bigger sales opportunities. We even have a distributor showcasing a wide range of hardware products. You will definitely find significant partnership opportunities to grow your business. It’s a lot to digest in two days!

We will also be doing several workshops on digital marketing, leadership, social media selling and building a more responsive web presence. We are introducing four comprehensive coaching paths to success – Transition, Traction, Growth and Optimization. VARs and MSPs tend to fall into one of these 4 categories so we are offering the specific business support that they need. Lots of educational opportunities to move the needle up on your team and business.

As workplaces of the future, conferences are very important because it allows the delegates to learn and explore partnerships in the most effective way possible in the least amount of time.  It is an opportunity to work on your business instead of in your business. We know that on average, every attendee finds at least 3 significant opportunities from every ChannelNEXT conference. Several find well over 10 partnerships.

On May 16-17, in Muskoka, Ontario the attending VARs and MSPs will get a competitive advantage. If you do not have something better to do on this date, maybe you should join us…

But what if we have no more space or you physically cannot come? You can still register for the expo only on day-two and comment “cannot attend”…This will trigger us to send you a free e-copy of the 52-page conference guide so you can at least learn and contact the exhibitors directly.  You can also get access to the videos and some slide decks when available…It’s the next best thing to being there. Your choice! Learn more or Register!