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Looks like the pandemic will become an endemic, so now what?

I don’t know about you, but it’s so confusing to figure out where we are headed. Sometimes, I just want to scream. Moving forward, it seems like the unvaccinated may be the weakest link in curbing this pandemic. As the situation flushes through, it looks like we will be moving from a pandemic to an “endemic” so be prepared to ... Read More »

How will the channel thrive in a digital-first economy

We would all agree that how we think and act has significantly changed because of the pandemic. Humans were simply not meant to be isolated for long periods. Unless you are somehow immune or oblivious to the situation, you are probably feeling some profound effects. So now what?  Keeping that chat on the channel, Jay and I discussed the ways ... Read More »

The Biggest 2021 Channel Predictions Are…

Back in March 2020, it felt like we all woke up in a “Twilight Zone. A mad virus was revenging the planet and our lives. What we previously took for granted, no longer existed. People emptied grocery stores. People everywhere had to endure severe hardships and incredible tragedies. Hope dimmed. Fear and despair amplified. We became desperate for the simple ... Read More »

Top Business Authors Release New Book “Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business”

“Real Results in a Virtual Economy – How to Future-Proof Your Business” was launched globally on January 7th 2021. The book is authored by Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson who have collectively written 19 books on the topics of leadership, talent management, marketing and digital selling. Dr. Denis Cauvier and Shane Gibson Authors – “Real Results in a Virtual ... Read More »

COVID-19 is for HR what Y2K was for IT

By Aline Ayoub The pandemic the world is going through is directly linked to climate change. And while we are recognizing that COVID-19 is a rehearsal for entrepreneurial approaches to climate change, we are heavily impacted by the chaos and rapid changes we are going through. At the same time, the coronavirus brought out human resiliency and ability to act ... Read More »

50th Earth Day: Pandemic a wake-up call to rethink how we live and treat our planet?

By Julian Lee This pandemic is a continuous downpour of sad news. We are in the middle of the storm and the end is still uncertain. It’s enough to make anyone feel discouraged. Eventually, this pandemic will be over and the pain will fade as life gets back to normal. Then what? “We are all witnessing nature’s bigger destructive forces ... Read More »

Stress-free tools to combat the COVID-19

By Aline Ayoub Employers should be prepared for employment-related issues and questions relating to the COVID-19. Business and social response to COVID-19 must continue to be dynamic. That being the case, it is important that employers and employees alike – be reasonably educated about the issue, – recognize the symptoms, and – take reasonable precautions to avoid unnecessary risk – ... Read More »

Happy New Decade! Happy New Year!

2020 is here and we are so excited!!! We are proud to live on the front lines of the channel everyday for the past 3 decades! The IT channel is definitely in for a bigger shake up over the next decade and we are excited to be part of this evolution. As TechnoPlanet enters its 4th decade in business, we ... Read More »

Jay McBain Discusses 2019/2020

My interview with Jay McBain was to be just a twenty minute chat about his thoughts on what happened in the channel this year and what to look forward to in 2020. It ended up being a 45 minute very interesting conversation.  Listen to it in its entirety without commercials! It is all about building a more diversified channel community ... Read More »

The Next Generation of Channel Partner Ecosystems

Today, most vendors still build their partner networks with roughly the same formula. Build a portal with a typical multi-level partner program (the infamous bronze, silver, gold labels). Prospect in a variety of ways to sign up partners. Drive qualified partners into their “portal” to serve them up whatever they think is needed to do business. Many go further by ... Read More »