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Building bigger, better stronger and smarter channel partners

Sounds like a great goal, but how exactly could it be achieved? It’s a challenge that we have been tackling over many years. It all began when more than the usual amount of VARs and MSPs started to tell us just how badly their businesses were doing. It was around global depression of 2008 but it continued to accelerate over ... Read More »

How may holes do you have to plug in your business?

When I think of a business with all of its moving parts, I think of a bucket with holes. The water pouring in is the money generated to keep the bucket filled. The holes are the deficiencies in the business leaking the money. Sometimes you can do some quick fixes to plug up a hole or two, but eventually it ... Read More »

Build a better Network Operations Center…New NOC audit and training course for MSPs

Earlier this year, we launched a general business assessment for VARs and MSPs called “Best Managed IT Companies“. Soon after, we started getting inquiries from MSPs about assessing their internal NOC team and realized that there may be a need in the channel.  We have since been working with some of the best NOC experts in the industry to develop ... Read More »

What happened at the ChannelNEXT Central Conference on May 16-17, 2016?

In one word…Lots! The conference continues to evolve into a powerful hub for business building content, support and partnerships. Today, VARs and MSPs need help in future-proofing their business to remain relevant as channel partners. Not every company will make the transition into the next generation channel, but it is possible for the vast majority to be successful with the ... Read More »

Can MSPs compete with the big players like HP, DELL and IBM in IT services?

Recently we have seen an about-face as DELL unloads their IT services to NTT Data and HP announced plans to spin off their IT Services to CSC. These multi-billion dollar deals may be a significant indication of what’s to come. Seems like the size of the enterprise outsource IT deals are dropping. Meanwhile, smaller MSPs are moving up stream. Enterprise level Cloud solutions ... Read More »

The most complete Office 365 partner experience

When it comes to adding the Cloud to their business model, many MSPs and VARs have a hard time figuring out how to position themselves in this new market. SherWeb’s partner program may have the answer to help VARs and MSPs become successful Cloud Resellers…Their channel program is loaded with  information and tools they need to become successful in Cloud. ... Read More »

Debunking Managed Services Myths

Being a MSP is not easy nor is it impossible. When you understand the facts, it becomes much easier. You just need to find a good starting point and build from there. The goal is sustainable and predictable recurring revenue. No doubt, the transition from being a VAR to becoming an MSP or VAR/MSP hybrid can be tough. Endpoint Security ... Read More »

A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

Any Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) software you implement in your organization should enable or enhance a business process. Unfortunately, many VARs and MSPs mistakenly believe that the RMM/ PSA software itself is the solution, when in reality, the software is at best 10 percent of the value equation—the other 90 percent is based on ... Read More »

Scaling for growth with a NOC partner

How do you grow your business? You take on more staff so you can service more clients. How do you pay for these additional resources? You take on more clients to increase your revenues. But how do you maintain service levels to existing clients – and deliver services to the new clients while those two things are happening? A bit ... Read More »

Taking an incremental approach to partnering for NOC and Service Desk can reduce perceived risks

I have had many conversations with MSPs who are keen to work with a partner for NOC and Service Desk delivery and who genuinely appreciate the benefits that this can bring. Having reached the logical conclusion that this is the right way forward however, some then get cold feet and we end up stuck in the contractual process. A number ... Read More »