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What’s the most cost-effective way to help channel partners generate sales demand?

A couple years ago, this question sparked a heated discussion between TechnoPlanet and eMailPlatform to think out of the box and explore the new possibilities. Today, the two companies are pleased to announced the result of the hard work it took build the solution. Effective immediately, Vendors, VARs and MSPs can start using this powerful marketing automation platform to generate ... Read More »

Do you like your website? If you really do, then don’t read this post!

Even though most VARs and MSPs know the importance of having a good web site, many still struggle with doing it right. We have done many surveys on the topic and offered many assessment tests to help them see the light. The problem is not that they do not understand its importance. They get it! They understand that it is ... Read More »

What happened at the ChannelNEXT Central Conference on May 16-17, 2016?

In one word…Lots! The conference continues to evolve into a powerful hub for business building content, support and partnerships. Today, VARs and MSPs need help in future-proofing their business to remain relevant as channel partners. Not every company will make the transition into the next generation channel, but it is possible for the vast majority to be successful with the ... Read More »

Want to learn something big to build a bigger, better and stronger VAR or MSP business?

You simply cannot know what you do not know. Even those who know a lot can always learn something new. Always learning new things while working ON our business instead of just IN our business is how you succeed bigger in the future. On June 21-22 in Hinckley Island, UK,  we are bringing together over a dozen of the best ... Read More »

10 Ways for VARs and MSPs to Build a Better Web Presence

A web site is the first impression of your company. It should not reflect the company you already have – but the company you want to have. What you put into your web presence determines the value of this important asset to your company. Depending on what you do, it can either be a positive or a negative to your ... Read More »

Shoestring Marketing

Where to Save and Where Not Time to save money on your marketing? How can you do that and still get effective results? First, avoid six big mistakes that many make. Then use the twelve techniques waiting for you below. In your attempt to save costs don’t cut in these areas: Value Never try to save money by cutting the value of ... Read More »

Why should MSPs and VARs get a company Video?

Tell an exciting story of your company through video by posting it on your web site! It’s much more effective than just written words and pictures on your web site! Videos are everywhere on the Internet. Actually since TV and movies are also watched on the Internet, it seems likely that 90% of all Internet traffic will eventually be all ... Read More »

What does Google tell the World about your business?

iBiz10 Home Page

A good first step to answer this question is to simply put your company name into Google search to see what comes back. Does it represent your company well? Is it what you want to present to your customers and prospects? Does it give the audience a good first impression about you? What other competitors appear besides your company? How ... Read More »

30 Power Tools and Services For MSPs, VARs, ITSPs And IT Pros

VAR Office Suite is all about the 30 power tools and services that every MSP, VAR, ITSP and IT Pro needs to be successful. If you already have some of these tools and you are satisfied with the performance, then keep them and move on to the next tool. Keep adding more tools and measure the results. You will see ... Read More »

Why Attend IT Events At All?

Most VARs,  MSPs, ITSPs and even vendors question the benefits of going to IT events. It takes precious time away from the office and it is a significant drain on your resources. With over 500 IT events each year, it is impossible to do all, so you do need to be very selective. It will take some effort for you ... Read More »