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Could this be the next generation channel community and marketplace?

Over the past 18 years, we have been building our eChannelNEWS channel community to over 65,000 VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, MSSPs and ISVs by delivering relevant news and information that can positively impact their businesses. We also have thousands of vendors, distributors and other tech journalists who subscribe. Our focus is to consistently bring important news and ideas that matter to ... Read More »

VARMastermind at ChannelNext West 2017

Randal Wark discusses that the only way forward for channel partners to grow their business is through mastermind groups.  Value from what you can get is amazing.  It puts you ahead of the market.  For more information, visit www.varmastermind.com to fill out an application.  We will then contact you for a quick interview. Read More »

Making More Profits Just Got a Lot Easier For VARs and MSPs

When you consider all of the shipping costs, credit card merchant fees, gas, insurance, telephone, office supplies and other fundamental business expenses that you pay every day, it can easily add up to a staggering amount! What if you could significantly reduce all of these expenses (and more) without any compromise? Get ready to be amazed with big savings on ... Read More »

How to get the most value from attending a conference

It’s not too difficult to tell which exhibitors or attendees will get big value from a conference. You can see it in their openness to connect. They are well prepared. They ask questions. They reach out to meet people. They put themselves in the middle of the action. They come open to learn and explore. They are curious and excited ... Read More »

Building Better VARs and MSPs

There are about a dozen different names that companies who sell IT solutions to end-users like to be called. VARs, MSPs and ITSPs seem to be the top three. Regardless of what you prefer to be called, we know that they are about 30 moving parts that make up a successful VAR, MSP and ITSP company. Every day, we do ... Read More »

How a Mastermind Group changed my life

I’m overlooking the rows of carefully manicured vines of Ravine Vineyard, taking a sip of a Riesling that is being paired with the smoked carrot soup purée that will soon arrive. I can’t help but think back at this time last year when I was stuck in a corporate gig feeling emotionally and physically drained. I spoke with a member ... Read More »

Insuring Your Tech Business in a Complicated World. Are You Protected?

Technology firms face a variety of complex risks in the course business today. Your firm has unique and challenging exposures. Many have asked me what the leading claims in today’s tech environment are. I have identified the following… Data Loss: What happens if your data back-ups fail? What about software upgrades and or accounts or data files you transfer to ... Read More »

Saving big on health benefits in Canada

Finding reliable and affordable health insurance in today’s marketplace can seem impossible. Health benefits offer you a confusing array of options — not all of them good, and few that are inexpensive. Sure, you may find an agent who will offer you a cheap policy, but here’s the thing: health coverage isn’t cheap if it doesn’t adequately cover your expenses ... Read More »

30 Power Tools and Services For MSPs, VARs, ITSPs And IT Pros

VAR Office Suite is all about the 30 power tools and services that every MSP, VAR, ITSP and IT Pro needs to be successful. If you already have some of these tools and you are satisfied with the performance, then keep them and move on to the next tool. Keep adding more tools and measure the results. You will see ... Read More »

Interview with Edge to Epic

Edge to Epic offers all Canadian VARs, MSPs and ITSPs their membership benefits through VAR Office Suite. It is FREE. There is a variety of benefits ranging from health insurance to discounts on flights. For example, Small business owners with 5 employees or less, typically cannot get great deals on health insurance but through one of their programs fees start ... Read More »