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Virtual Networking get a 2016 Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies Award

As one of “The North of England’s most recommended IT Support Companies”, Virtual Networking decided to measure up their business practices with the Britain’s 50 Best Managed It Companies Test. They completed the 200 questions in about 12 areas of best practices. “This test showed us exactly where we were lacking some skills and reinforced our effort to improve. We ... Read More »

Who are Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies?

It was an absolute pleasure to recognize and congratulate some of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies at our first awards ceremony in London on September 27, 2016. A great black-tie evening of fantastic food, champagne and socializing! As many companies found out, it was not so easy to win this award. You had to go through the process of completing ... Read More »

Do smaller markets merit more investment by Vendors?

Most vendors tend to ignore smaller markets in lieu of larger ones. Logically, this makes sense, but smaller markets with a vibrant economy can be much easier to penetrate simply because the competition is less. With fewer vendors rallying for partners, you get more attention. Smaller-town partners are also more prone to embracing vendors who invest time to come meet ... Read More »

Is ransomware hurting your customers?

If not, it’s probably just a matter of time before it does. Last year ransomware culprits generated about £40 million. As of July, the amount has jumped to over £200 million. It’s going up regardless of whose numbers you track. Today, companies simply want their data to be protected with the most effective solution possible. Webroot may be one of ... Read More »

ChannelCON 2016…Test your strength with the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Business Assessment

If you are going to CompTIA’s ChannelCON event on August 1-3 in Hollywood, Florida, you are most welcome to drop by the TechnoPlanet eChannelNEWS kiosk #7 in the media lounge to say hello and get a free door hanger “DO NOT DISTURB, I am BUSY improving my business” :o). Here are the 5 things we are highlighting at the conference… ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella talks Digital Transformation at WPC in Toronto

Microsoft’s WPC conference kicked off in Toronto with Satya Nadella’s opening message “Businesses desire to use digital technology to predict outcomes, empower their employees and transform their products”. Companies are currently building digital technologies of their own to transform in the digital era. IT represents 5 % of GDP and growing at 8%. Wherever there is operating expenses there are big ... Read More »

What could happen in UK technology channel as the country is about to exit from the EU?

The picture above is the Brough castle that I saw on my recent trip in the UK that I randomly found while taking a wrong turn on my journey. In 1521 the castle was burnt down from a “Christmas party” and was left in ruins until 140 years after when it was fully restored. Later, the castle was destroyed again ... Read More »

Three speakers that may change your life or at least, make you more money

We always try to find speakers with relevant content that will deliver outstanding value to our audience. At this upcoming channel conference on June 21-22 in Hinckley Island, I think we will over-deliver on that promise. Molly Harvey is a best-selling author of 8 books, with 21+ years experience of engaging people, companies and communities. She speaks to corporations around ... Read More »