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Bookkeeper, Controller, or CFO?

What Position Do You Need? When starting a business, the leader or a family member often “handles the books” given the sensitive nature of the information and the minimal time required for this task when a company has few transactions to process. While the leader sees this work as mostly administrative, the value of the accounting arm grows as the ... Read More »

Doing ERP Right

So you’ve decided to replace your Enterprise Resource Planning solution. I’m sure you’re aware of the poor record for success in these implementations – the majority tend to be over-budget, past due on their intended timelines, and not offering the intended deliverables. Check here for an example of industry research backing this up. So how can you maximize your chances ... Read More »

Brady Nash of ConnectBooster in the NEWS

While the channel is undergoing some challenging times as it transitions to the next generation, they need solid tools and support to help them cross the chasm. They need to solve their problems one at a time, but they also need to do it right. Competition is coming from everywhere, but everyone will face their set of challenges. At the ... Read More »

What happened at the ChannelNEXT Central Conference on May 16-17, 2016?

In one word…Lots! The conference continues to evolve into a powerful hub for business building content, support and partnerships. Today, VARs and MSPs need help in future-proofing their business to remain relevant as channel partners. Not every company will make the transition into the next generation channel, but it is possible for the vast majority to be successful with the ... Read More »

How do you know when it is time to replace your current ERP system?

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to determine if you may need a new ERP solution to runnier business? Is your business struggling to complete simple tasks? Will your current software struggle to keep pace with your company’s needs as you grow? Is your current system lacking functionality, hard to use, slow or insufficiently flexible to address how you do ... Read More »

Is my business too small for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software tool?

Unequivocally, NO! Think about the software you use. Every application you use is there to help you perform a task faster and more efficiently, whether it is Facebook to connect with friends or Office software to produce documents. Your Software is a tool! Don’t let the title “Enterprise Resource Planning” intimidate you. As the owner of your business you need ... Read More »

Document management – what is the minimum you should expect!

Paper and the need to manage paper documents will for a long time remain a job that needs to be addressed. Are the needs of an SMB the same as a large enterprise, no but you do have requirements that would make running your business a lot smoother in the day. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) accepts records that are ... Read More »

What Is Modern Software?

After 20 years as a Sage Development Partner, we severed our partnership as Sage was forcing our company to adopt a new ERP System with the removal (End of Life) from the market of their product that we sold and supported. Being forced to learn a new system meant to us that it was an ideal time to shop around. ... Read More »

Cutting through the hype in Mobility!

During the past few years the IT industry has experienced tremendous growth, making great strides in improving how we manage our businesses and business teams today. The most frustrating aspect of this wonderful journey has been what I describe as “marketing stagnation of growth” – when marketing is used to convince customers that what they are being offered is the ... Read More »

How to tell when it is time to replace your ERP system

Does this sound familiar? The business processes that currently support your company’s operations are continually stressed as new concepts are introduced and/or new challenges present themselves. Your business has begun to struggle under the complexity of its own growth and you realize that it is time to re-evaluate the software tools that support your infrastructure; however, the expense of replacing ... Read More »