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Establishing Trust and Psychological Safety in the Workplace: 3 Strategies For Your Team

By Corry Robertson What is psychological safety? Amy Edmondson, an organizational behavioral scientist and professor at Harvard Business School first identified the concept of psychological safety in work teams back in 1999.  More recently she published a book called “The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth” Edmondson describes psychological safety as “a shared belief ... Read More »

Four Tactics to Improve Employee Retention

By Tara Landes Ask a leader what the most valuable part of their company is and they almost always say, “the people.” The best companies also behave that way – their most robust systems and processes revolve around their people. Hiring them, onboarding them, developing them, and retaining them. Recruiting is costly and fraught with challenges. Once a company has ... Read More »

2021’s most influential marketing tool? Vaccinated staff.

As businesses from all industries open up, consumers are not only being asked if they are vaccinated, but are also asking the same of the businesses they shop at. “Regardless of legislation or employee’s rights, customers want to know they are visiting a safe business environment,” says customer experience expert Marc Gordon. “However, it’s also about knowing that the business ... Read More »

Reopening for Business in 3 Steps. Hands on DEC(k)

By Aline Ayoub On March 24, the government of Ontario requested the closure of non-essential workplaces due to the COVID-19. As a result, restarting the economy will be guided by the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and public health officials. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are essential to the small businesses and employers ... Read More »

Why Customer Loyalty Matters Now More Than Ever

Customer loyalty is always important to every business. Without it, a business will eventually fail. However, depending on the business and the economic conditions, many businesses can get away with some level of poor customer loyalty. When demand is too high, then companies can afford to neglect customer loyalty building. That said, customer loyalty should be baked into every day ... Read More »

Could masks end up marginalizing students?

By Marc Gordon When did masks become a status symbol? According to marketing expert Marc Gordon, it was the day when someone wearing a paper mask turned to someone wearing a stylish cloth mask and asked where they got it.“It’s hard to believe that in the span of a couple months, a product that didn’t even exist has now become ... Read More »

Re-entry and Recovery from COVID-19 – Return from Working from Home or Layoffs

By Frank Newman, President, Newman Human Resources Consulting Just as astronauts and their flight teams have to prepare for reentry into earth’s atmosphere, we have to prepare to welcome our staff back into our workplaces over the coming weeks. As with any re-entry, we need to be aware of the mental and physical challenges facing our teams.  Miscommunication, misunderstandings and unclear expectations can ... Read More »

Managing Managers In A Crisis

By Tara Landes When the crisis hits, it’s human nature for leadership to turn inward and start scrambling. How can we pivot? How can we make payroll? What’s going to happen to my business? My family? Will we even survive? The weight of not just being the support for your family but for all the families under your employ can ... Read More »

Could personal opinions on COVID-19 be ruining your business?

On April 16th Gosia Katarzyna posted her thoughts about the COVID-19 lockdown on Facebook. “Why is the world shut down? Americans and Europeans are awakening and protesting why aren’t we?”, she posted, along with a graphic showing the percentage of deaths based on the Canadian population. That post garnered 228 comments within the next 24 hours. Supporters wrote comments such as ... Read More »

Managing Your Team – Keeping Them Engaged through Uncertainty

By Frank Newman, President, Newman Human Resources Consulting I overheard two gentlemen talking in a parking lot this early this week.  One guy said, “I just played my first round of golf this season, I’ve been waiting so long and it felt so good.  The next days, they announced they’re shutting down all the courses.  I can’t understand it – ... Read More »