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Re-entry and Recovery from COVID-19 – Return from Working from Home or Layoffs

By Frank Newman, President, Newman Human Resources Consulting Just as astronauts and their flight teams have to prepare for reentry into earth’s atmosphere, we have to prepare to welcome our staff back into our workplaces over the coming weeks. As with any re-entry, we need to be aware of the mental and physical challenges facing our teams.  Miscommunication, misunderstandings and unclear expectations can ... Read More »

Managing Managers In A Crisis

By Tara Landes When the crisis hits, it’s human nature for leadership to turn inward and start scrambling. How can we pivot? How can we make payroll? What’s going to happen to my business? My family? Will we even survive? The weight of not just being the support for your family but for all the families under your employ can ... Read More »

Could personal opinions on COVID-19 be ruining your business?

On April 16th Gosia Katarzyna posted her thoughts about the COVID-19 lockdown on Facebook. “Why is the world shut down? Americans and Europeans are awakening and protesting why aren’t we?”, she posted, along with a graphic showing the percentage of deaths based on the Canadian population. That post garnered 228 comments within the next 24 hours. Supporters wrote comments such as ... Read More »

Managing Your Team – Keeping Them Engaged through Uncertainty

By Frank Newman, President, Newman Human Resources Consulting I overheard two gentlemen talking in a parking lot this early this week.  One guy said, “I just played my first round of golf this season, I’ve been waiting so long and it felt so good.  The next days, they announced they’re shutting down all the courses.  I can’t understand it – ... Read More »

The Gains and Losses of COVID-19 on Your Business

By Aline Ayoub Employers should be prepared for employment-related issues and questions relating to the COVID-19. Business and social response to COVID-19 must continue to be dynamic. That being the case, it is important that employers and employees alike We are undoubtedly living the biggest disruption in all aspects of our lives. Right now, the workplace is going through a ... Read More »

Business Leadership in Times of Crisis

Tara Landes is the President and Founder of Bellrock Benchmarking Inc. She has worked directly with the leaders and management of dozens of enterprises over the past 20+ years delivering training and implementing custom management skills and tools. Bellrock’s program Remarkable Leadership for Uncertain Times is the course you needed yesterday. Leading change, meeting rhythms, setting expectations, and more. We ... Read More »

Unprecedented Opportunity: Bellrock Perspectives

By Tara Landes One of the most challenging elements of change management is creating urgency. If people can’t understand “why now?” and “what’s in it for me”, change efforts can slow to a crawl. Take technological change, for example. Decades ago, companies moving to computerized accounting would run manual processes in parallel with their new software systems. Instead of the ... Read More »

HR Tool-box to Grow Your Small Business

By Aline Ayoub Success does not come knocking at your door. In fact, you need to build that door. In this article, we will help you with identifying the tools you need. Here is what you need in your tool box: a sharpened pencil in order to establish your name on the street, which is your reputation, your culture;add a ... Read More »

Personal Reflection: 6 Years of Leadership (And Still Learning!)

By Saher Ghattas Each year, I like to reflect on last year’s progress, lessons learned — and build a theme for the coming year. For me, 2020’s theme will be “Results by Design”. As I step into my sixth year as part of the Flawless Inbound leadership team, I wanted to capture my thoughts and all my lessons learned to help ... Read More »

If You Are Serious About Growing Your Small Business, You Must Read This

By Aline Ayoub Your reputation as an employer is everything. A company culture is the best prescription for your small business success.  When interviewed at the Annual Culture Conference, Edgar Schein said that he is more interested in the DNA of the culture. He explained the importance of understanding why things cannot be changed with a culture change. For example, ... Read More »