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Pop-up experts, wannabe news podcasts and virtual events are coming out

Hold on to your keyboard… Is it just me or does it seem like many “experts”, podcasts, live streams and virtual events are popping up everywhere? I thought that 150 live tech events every year was already too many. Seems like we are in for 3X in virtual events! Well over a decade ago, when we started doing our online ... Read More »

10 good things coming out from this crisis

We can take a little comfort in knowing that in spite of all the despair, there is some good coming out from this pandemic. Here are my top 10… Climate. Pollution is way down because of travel restrictions. Hopefully, this will continue as people make important behavioral changes (read my recent article on this topic). The only thing worse than ... Read More »

Manage. Adapt. Pivot. Accelerate.

By Julian Lee There is noooooo shortage of people giving advice to the channel! Here is one more that may help… Recently I find myself being more personal with business peers since it’s like we are virtually chatting in our homes. Another new business normal? ☺️. My pivot story starts while I was studying sciences and business at University. While ... Read More »

Dawn of the Digital Channel Chief

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, live events were the main go-to market activities for channel development. Starting now, Digital has become center-stage of any channel development strategy. Vendors need to transition from Road Warrior to Virtual Warrior. Every channel leader will need to rethink their digital game to ensure that it is as deep and wide as it can be. What’s ... Read More »

Keep Calm and Carry On. Go Virtual!

If there ever was a time when this saying matters most, then this is it! I have literally spent the past weeks talking with many tech industry leaders about the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on business. The words I heard most often are scary, shocking, crazy, incredible and unbelievable. On the texting side it’s OMG and WT#. “The huge ... Read More »

Is Confidence Overriding Expertise?

On my recent flight over from London to Toronto, I had an idea brewing so I decided to write this article. Being in London for the elections and witnessing the surprise victory while heading over to the impeachment showdown of the US President, it was clear that a lot was happening. I was wondering… how can some people believe in ... Read More »

Partner Portals That Actually Work For Partners

Many vendors claim that they have an awesome partner portal. A one stop spot to help partners instantly find whatever they need to do business with them. There is some truth to this general statement, but the real truth is in the actual user experience. It is common knowledge that partners are simply too busy to waste time browsing and ... Read More »

What can the IT channel learn from the sports industry?

With the recent Raptors win of the NBA Eastern finals, Toronto erupted as fans of every type, joined in the celebration. If you live in Toronto, you could not avoid this celebration. Strangers doing high-fives with each other on top of the screaming, honking and giving the thumbs up were just some of this deeper sense of community. It’s wonderful ... Read More »

What helps you decide which channel events to attend?

Is it the… Theme? Topics? Speakers? Exhibitors? Content? Location? Organizer? Reputation? Venue? Duration? Peer-to-Peer networking? Parties? News media coverage? Habit? Influencers? Past Experience? Cost? Want to know what your peers consider when deciding? Please take this 30-second survey and we will send you the results for free! You can also share your comments… Last time I counted, there were about ... Read More »

Is the tail wagging the dog?

By Channeliser You need to “Socialise” with ALL your partners, not just the managed minority. For vendors and distributors who wants to shake the “long-tail” of inactive partners into action, you need the technology tools to engage and socialise. And I don’t mean send tiresome tweets and potted posts and neutral newsletters in the hope that something sticks, but targeted, ... Read More »