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Cassandra Anderson of Crexendo in the NEWS

Crexendo manufactures its own software and phones. They provide lifetime warranty on their products. The company says that it is a channel-friendly VOIP provider. The seem to have a good control of all of the moving parts to better isolate the channel partner from problems.

Cassandra said, “There is a huge revenue share that goes to the partners – about 25%. We almost act as a master agent.  All of our partners are important to us. We help our partners leverage our tech support so customers can call us directly.  We provision the entire system for our partners”.

The company offers a great redundancy plan with fail over to Amazon Web Services.  If the problem resides at the ISP, they can route calls automatically to an alternate cell number to minimize any downtime. This reduces one of the biggest concerns preventing channel partners from offering VOIP – dealing with phone downtime and aggressive SLA requirements.

“We really try to create this buffer for the partner that they are not responsible if something should happen. We also provide ready made marketing messages targeted to different lines of business owners”, Adds Cassandra.

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