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Can the IT channel sell more VoIP?

The short answer is yes! More businesses use VoIP for telecommunications than ever. Why not get your piece of that lucrative technology business? The bigger question is which VoIP vendors should the channel sell and why?

On May 16-17, you can find the answers to these and other questions from two of the best VoIP solutions on the market. Smart VARs and MSPs already sell VoIP as a service and some have also added the calling plans and broadband services.

From a technology perspective, it is a relatively easy add-on to the traditional IT VAR/MSP businesses. There is also a security component to bundel. Telephones are a big part of the business world and it will not be going away anytime soon. VARs and MSPs should always be looking to widen their portfolio as they build recurring revenues and entrench themselves deeper with their clients. Why not VoIP?

If you are not comfortable with the actual selling and implementation of VoIP solutions, then consider partnering with another VAR who specializes in VoIP. We see this happening quite often. Today there is really no reason why your customers cannot use VoIP nor why you could not sell it.

Versature and TEO (distributed by Capella Telecommunications) companies will be attending the upcoming ChannelNEXT conference. I think they are the right partners for the channel.

Reserve your seat today for May 16,17 in Muskoka Ontario!