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Can Gamification Help Sales Teams to Realize the Value of CRM

Many of you know that the subject of CRM user adoption is very near and dear to my heart and my Full Contact Selling CRM Practice. An ongoing dilemma, and one of the most critical keys to user adoption success, is in getting sales teams to realize the true value of CRM and the direct relationship that CRM has to their sales commissions. This always seems to be an uphill battle, especially among top producing sales professionals. Lately however, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. In Dynamics CRM, user adoption is being promoted and encouraged by new product functionality, such as, the inclusion of Social Insights – powered by my friends at InsideView, into the professional version of CRM Online and many new enhancements to mobile CRM on both smart phones and tablets.

But the one thing in user adoption that has me very excited is the ability to gamify the sales process – with tools like Hurrah! from CRMGamified. Hurrah! is an ISV add on product that allows organizations to gamify their sales processes in Dynamics CRM. Essentially, what this means is that while sales people continue to use CRM in the normal everyday way, they are now awarded points for accomplishing tasks and moving prospects through the sales process, thus incenting them to add even more data.

For example, a Gamified sales process could look like this

Add a lead to CRM, get awarded 10 points.
Convert that lead to an opportunity and gain another 20 points
If the opportunity is worth more than 10k, gain another 10 points.
Add the competitor(s) to the opportunity, gain another 5 points
Close the opportunity as Won and gain 50 points.
If you beat a certain competitor, gain an additional 10 points.

Sales reps can earn points for themselves or for their sales team. This creates a healthy competition between the reps, allowing reps to compete individually or as a team or even against their own personal sales goals. The result of gamifying the sales team is that we see the point leaders adding more and better data to the CRM in order to earn points for themselves and their team, and the organization sees improved productivity and the value of good data. Conversely, the rep who doesn’t add data, doesn’t gain any points and thus, doesn’t win the internal sales competition.