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Building Better VARs and MSPs

There are about a dozen different names that companies who sell IT solutions to end-users like to be called. VARs, MSPs and ITSPs seem to be the top three. Regardless of what you prefer to be called, we know that they are about 30 moving parts that make up a successful VAR, MSP and ITSP company.

Every day, we do something incremental to spread our message to our 65,000 + channel companies that we reach. Our mission is to help as many as possible to smartly evolve their business into a sustainable and profitable recurring revenue business model to ultimately remain relevant in the IT channel.

Not everyone listens and it seems some do not even care if they stay in business. Some are simply planning their retirement. The new “Born in the Cloud VARs” are popping up everywhere and eager to grow. Recently we have seen a remarkable spike with veteran VARs looking to exit the channel and we are helping them with their exit strategy. Some VARs are operating multiple companies. Every day, we learn just how smart and resilient the channel is. It makes us excited and proud to be part of the community.

We are way past the basic 101-type channel message. Everyone already understands that the channel is shifting and unless they adapt, their business may not be able to survive. Interestingly, there are still many VARs holding on to the traditional ways of doing business and they are still making money. They tell us that they are milking the cow to the last drop! It is smart to keep business as usual while planning the next version of their business.

At a recent event a VAR got up and said, “I agree with everything you said, but the problem is “me”, I have no time left to do what is required to fix my business”. This is actually the biggest challenge that we encounter. The answer may come from a quote…”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” We show business owners how they can make one small first step that can make a significant impact on their business and lives. Then we help them to take the second step and so on…It works!

Every day, we are accelerating deeper into the DNA of the VAR, MSP and ITSP to help them grow business and remain successful in the future. We do this will less talk and more action. Here is how…

We have one comprehensive resource called VAROfficeSuite (a.k.a MSP Office Suite, ITOfficeSuite, ITBusinessTools – just in case the word VAR or Office Suite does not resonate with you). Originally, we choose the general term “VAR” because it seemed to be the most widely used. We choose “Office Suite” because the various tools and services work somewhat like a suite of applications to help run your business. I am sure we will evolve the branding as we get more feedback from the channel.

Regardless of the name VAR Office Suite, it is only important to know that it is a comprehensive resource for just about every tool and service that you need to operate your entire business.
We also have www.VARCoach.com to publish content that is 100% relevant to the business of VARs, MSPs and ITSPs. It does not mater how large your company is, you will find valuable information at VARCoach to help your business.

When it comes time to see and touch the products as well as talk with the people who invented them, you can come to our events called VARTrends and MSPTrends. We do both live and virtual events. Just about every week we are doing an event to present the opportunity. We are also participating in several third-party events to deliver our message. Check out www.VARTrends.com and www.MSPTrends.com to see our event schedule.

As if that was not enough, we recently added www.VARMasterMind.com where groups of 10 VARs, MSPs and ITSPs can come together to learn, exchange ideas, and share best practices to grow their businesses. VARMasterMind is like a typical MasterMind group, but on steroids. At least 6 business coaches are assigned to each VARMasterMind group to ensure that the job is done right and as quickly as possible. The mandate is simple…grow the member’s business by 30% in year one!

Vendors are now coming to us to help them to help their partners to grow their sales. After all is done, many partners hit a wall where the sales either levels off or drops. It is like they simply ran out of sales prospects. Shovelling more sales leads to them so they can close is one way to stimulate growth, but we believe that teaching how to fish is much better than giving a fish. We are taking stagnant channel partners and energizing new life into them with the same methodologies, tools and services that we have in VAR Office Suite.

This is how we are helping the channel to become bigger, better and stronger. Subscribe to this weekly VARCoach e-newsletter or join our conversation on LinkedIN at the VARCoach group.