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Build an Engaging Social Media Presence

Today’s customers are definitely spending a lot of time interacting on social media with their family and friends – and with brands too.  Businesses of all types are building social media channels with success and generating loyalty and building trust with their current customers and prospects.

To fully develop and improve your social media marketing efforts, take into account a few things.  It’s important to decide which social media platforms work best for your business.  Where are your clients and prospects? What social media platforms do they most frequent? Once you determine your top choices, make an editorial calendar so you can plan out a steady flow of posts and remain engaged with your followers.  Make it a point to return all messages from all responses too.  Last but not least, don’t hesitate to share the information about your social media platforms with your customers and anyone you meet.  Tell them why it’s worth it for them to like or follow your business on social media.