Earlier this year, we launched a general business assessment for VARs and MSPs called “Best Managed IT Companies“. Soon after, we started getting inquiries from MSPs about assessing their internal NOC team and realized that there may be a need in the channel.  We have since been working with some of the best NOC experts in the industry to develop a program to help MSPs audit and improve their NOC team.

The new NOC audit and training course called “NOCDoctor” is now available!

A fundamental component of every successful MSP is their Network Operations Center (NOC) – this is the team and infrastructure that delivers on the managed services. Anyone running a successful NOC knows that it takes a lot more than a PSA and a RMM tool to get the job done. Your NOC team will need to become rock stars to quickly resolve ticketing issues and superstars to proactively resolve issues before it even pops up on the radar!

What if you could perform an independent audit of your in-house NOC team? What if you knew their strengths and weaknesses? What if you had a report to help you fix their weaknesses? What if you were able to do a quarterly review to ensure your NOC team is improving on schedule?

Once your NOC team is fine-tuned for optimal performance, now you are ready to expand your catalogue of the managed services that you offer. The NOC Coaches will also help you to uncover additional managed services offerings that you may not have considered.

The audit can be done onsite or remotely by our NOC Coaches. For more information please contact us through www.varcoach.com. Simply ask to connect with a NOC Coach.