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Brady Nash of ConnectBooster in the NEWS

While the channel is undergoing some challenging times as it transitions to the next generation, they need solid tools and support to help them cross the chasm. They need to solve their problems one at a time, but they also need to do it right. Competition is coming from everywhere, but everyone will face their set of challenges.

At the recent ChannelCON I was looking for the best products to help the channel. I will outline some that I found over the next weeks. Here is one of the channel-friendly solutions I found for the channel…

I did a podcast interview with Brady Nash, CEO of ConnectBooster. They make an online bill payment integration tool that connects various CRMs and PSAs like Connectwise, Autotask, Tigerpaw to the proper accounting software like Quickbooks, GP, etc. It ties the whole process together.  Getting paid on managed service agreements with variable billings can be complicated especially when you invoice for lots of smaller amounts attached to a SLA.

In 2010, the company bought over a POS tech company to service their clients better.  They had AR issues, so they looked and could not find a solution.  They decided to build one and partnered with some developers like Connectwise.   Business took off in 2012 and growing. Brady said that his company is already working with over 600 tech companies and adding about 30 each month.

Multiple payments are handled, from automatic recurring payments to mobile payments, while simplifying with the CRM and accounting software.

Brady said that they did some research and found out that the average IT company gets paid about 48.6 days past due.  VARs/MSPs also need to have the mindset that they deserve to get paid on time. ConnectBooster is a product build by the IT community for the IT community to solve the problem of cash flow.   After using the solution, through the course of one year, average clients AR dropped to 1.4 days!

Listen to the interview here