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Bluestar Helps Their VARs Go To “Rehab”

At Bluestar’s recent Solutions Tour in Montreal, Vendors and VARs were treated to a tribute to the late British R&B Jazz Queen Amy Winehouse by Andréa Blaze and The Maz Band. I am not sure of the underlying message of featuring Amy Winehouse, but maybe Bluestar wanted to subliminally encourage some of their VARs to go to Rehab (for business), even though they may be saying no, no, no :o).

It was a successful event where everyone got the opportunity to network and build relationships to grow business. Bluestar Canada’s President, Jacques Lapierre and Michel Sirois, VP of Sales took to the stage to point their VARs into the next generation of the POS and RFID markets.


“Our VARs need to leverage the latest technologies like IoT and tools like the Best Business Practice Assessment Test to help them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can plot a course to improve” Commented Jacques Lapierre

Sebastien Sasseville, an accomplished Ted Talks speaker and athlete who climbed Mount Everest; Ran across the Sahara Dessert as well as Canada; And Completed numerous marathons and Ironman competitions, shared his story as a diabetic who had no choice but to overcome his challenges to do great things. He said that to achieve any goal, it starts by taking the very first step. In his case, the first step was to actually complete the entry application form for his first marathon! From there, he took the next step and the rest is history.

“Sometimes a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”

Sebastien’s key message to the VARs was: “If you want to achieve your goals, you must take the first concrete step towards your goal. Simply thinking about doing something is not going to get you anywhere. If VARs want to remain relevant and successful in the future, they must embrace change and explore new opportunities sooner rather than later”.


A good a place for VARs to take a first step could be to simply register to take the best practice business test with their staff. It’s FREE! After answering about 200 questions in every important area of business operations, each applicant will see their results to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. A red tag indicates an area that must be improved. A yellow tag indicates an area where there is significant room for improvement. A green tag indicates an area of strength that should be exploited! By taking this test every year, a VAR will be also able to measure their improvement. To learn more please visit www.bestmanageditcompanies.com

“Many VARs simply need a little help to get on the fast track to greater success. Unless you know what you do not know, it’s more likely that you will continue doing the same things in the same old ways, over and over. That’s not how you improve! The good first step for VARs to start the journey begins with registering to take the business practice assessment test. The rest will follow.”

As you conquer your weaknesses and find the right tools to operate your business more efficiently, you will also need to embrace new technologies to help your clients improve their businesses. A good example is the “Internet Of Things” (IoT). Bluestar is offering an IoT solution by blueRover that will help restaurants to automatically monitor the temperatures of their refrigerators to ensure the proper storage of food products as well as prove its safety regulations compliance to the health inspectors.

Another technology that VARs should embrace is wireless networking in the hospitality sector as it is now commonplace to offer free WIFI access to their customers. Cloud-based POS and Digital Signage applications also leverage the Internet. As such, having a robust and more importantly, a secure wireless network is mission critical. With the recent purchase of Zebra’s networking division by Extreme Networks (now distributed by Bluestar), VARs can leverage these robust solutions to deliver powerful wireless access to their clients.

Bluestar also had executives from several software developers demonstrate how their applications solve real-world business solutions. In many ways, it’s the software that drives business growth. Finding the right ISV partner with the right solution to solve the customer’s needs can be the difference between success and failure. Regardless of which industry you target, as a VAR or Solution Provider, you must stay on top of the latest advances in technology, software and hardware.