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Barracuda Takes A Big Bite Out Of Ransomware And Data Security Breaches

It’s a plague that’s wreaking havoc in the business community with a whopping ransomware damage price tag of $5 Billion dollars in 2017 (according to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures). It’s growing and it’s not just attacking governments or big businesses. If you are connected to the Internet, it’s likely that you are vulnerable.

Even large companies that spend big bucks to prevent these attacks are still falling victim as we recently saw with the Equifax breach. It demonstrates that even if you do not get attacked directly that you can still suffer damages from breaches to others!

So what’s the answer? Well there are several moving parts to the solution and most IT security companies understand the game. In reality, it still seems that humans are the weakest link as there is always someone who will click on that e-mail to launch the malware attack. To be fair, the attackers are getting more clever in how they entice you to open their “package”. Even messages that look perfectly legit may be the culprit.

Channel partners must figure out the best way of protecting their clients.

Barracuda presented a solid solution for the channel that takes a huge bite out of the problem. They offer a cloud-connected set of products to help people make the bridge between traditional and cloud-based deployments. Everything is geared towards what partners need to prevent threats and recover. Part of Barracuda’s mandate is to educate partners on how to address the new emerging threats. Barracuda’s channel program helps support with systems engineers and a 30-day free evaluation for their customers.

Get the full story from my ecnTV interview with Chuck Kindrick, Canada’s Sales Director and Rod Mathews, SVP and GM Data Protection Business

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